Why I Love Pink Gerbera Daisies

I love flowers in all shapes and forms but when it comes to favorites, my heart belongs to simple cottage style flowers. Impatiens are my favorite garden bed flower for their charming sweetness, ease of care, and variety of colors. Inside the house, one of my favorite cut flowers is pink gerbera daisies, among a few other top contenders. They’re just so pretty!

Beautiful Pink Gerbera DaisiesThey have happy faces and their pink color is so cheerful.

My mother is the one who introduced me to these happy charmers.


Pink Flower Arrangement of Pink Gerbera DaisiesShe grew them in her garden beds almost every summer.

She chose yellow, orange, and pink to brighten the garden.


Pink Gerbera Daisies Make Great Cut Flowers for ArrangementsI love their big yellow centers surrounded by small, feathery petals.

The petals get larger further away from the center of the flower.


Pink Gerbera Daisies Arranged in Vintage Aqua VaseMy vintage aqua vase is my go-to vessel for the pink gerberas.

When it comes to flower arrangements, the vase is just as important as the flowers.


Pink Gerbera Daisies create a whimsical centerpiece in my farmhouse dining roomThey look so cheerful in my sunny farmhouse dining room.

Pink is my favorite color and I smile every time I walk past my festive bouquet.


Beautiful Pink Gerbera Daisies make great cut flowersAnd in my heart, I know the main reason I’m drawn to these pink beauties is because they remind me of my sweet mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. She loves the color pink. I wish we could still talk about our love of gardening. But she can no longer hold a conversation. At least she can still grace me with her beautiful smile.


Pink Gerbera Daisies and Frosted Votives create a cottage style centerpieceI paired my pink gerbera daisies with my pink frosted votive candle holders that I made this past weekend. My favorite vintage table cloth provides a charming base for the centerpiece.


Bouquet of Pink Gerbera DaisiesI’m so thankful that my mother instilled in me a love of beautiful flowers.

I think this summer I’ll plant extra daisies in the garden in her honor.

You can learn more about caring for gerbera daisies in this video:


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  1. So sorry to hear about your Mother. Treasure all the memories you have. Beautiful daisies and such a great idea to plant ones in her honor.

  2. What a wonderful post and how you have your memories with your mother.. MY FIL suffers the same and at the same stage of your mother…so I know what you mean about being graced with their beautiful smiles.

  3. You’re beautiful images make my heart sing! And then you mentioned impatiens… >3 A garden isn’t a garden without them. My grandmother always grew them in her south Florida home, and I’ve continued the tradition. Sadly, a blight has begun to hit them in the south (GA), and they aren’t putting them on the market. But my daughter used gerbera daisies in her wedding, and they, too, have taken on favor with me. Maybe I’ll try growing some this year. Thanks for a great post!

  4. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!! (I’d put another ! in there, but then that would be going overboard). I’ve tried to grow them before and I have terrible luck with them, but I love them cut and in a vase. Sorry about your mother. I remember how hard that was with my own mom. {{hugs}}

  5. Love your choice of flowers for your beautiful blue vase. I would like to grow them this next year. Sorry about your Mom. May she and you too, find peace in the road she has to travel now.

  6. The flowers are wonderful and the memories you have of the gardens and your mom …. priceless.

    Definitely plant extra daisies this summer!

    So sweet.


  7. Gerbera daises are my favorite and these pink ones are gorgeous. Of course, pink is my favorite everything! My daughter and daughter in love both had yellow gerbera daises as the main flower in their weddings. I also love the vintage blue vase. I have got to get busy pickin’. Your kitchen is adorable.

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Such a pretty post. God bless your sweet mom.
    So hard when this happens but I think it is nice to
    have them around even without their perfect minds.
    Gives us a little more time to be with them.
    Bless you too.

  9. That pink is so pretty!!! I always got them as cut flowers, but didn’t know that they can grow in our area. I’m redoing the spot in front of my porch this spring (the day lilies that are there need a new place, for they’re getting a tad carried away with each passing year) thinking the Gerbers would be perfect. Thanks again for another wonderful idea.

  10. Do you offer this specific pink variety for sale or know where I can buy the same one? I’ve been looking to the ends of the earth for these. Big, pink, and green eye. I love them and your photography. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. She instilled in you appreciation for beauty and it shows. Thank you.

    1. Hi Taylor!
      I don’t sell these flowers but I can tell you that I found them at our local grocery store of all places! I guess I just got lucky that day. I don’t always see them.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m stumped because nursery farmers and grocery stores sell small diameter Gerbera Daisy plants. I really like yours where the diameter is huge like the ones in wedding bouquets and grocery store cut arrangements. Why is it so hard to find a large width variety? It’s like their off limits to only elite bulk buyers who only need cut flowers. I’m thinking about just buying some pre cut flowers from a grocery store and try to self pollinate to get seeds. I don’t know if they sterilize them in the grocery store to preserve their longevity/life span (or so growers like you and I can’t regrow these beautiful gifts of nature). I’m sorry to vent but thank you for getting back to me. One day I hope to grow these on my own and not see them on Pinterest and other professional floral arrangements. Anyway, I love your staging and photography. Breathtaking.