11 Entryway Ideas: Make an Impact

My old house is weird when you walk in the front door because it doesn’t really have a designated foyer. I’ve kind of created a makeshift entry of sorts so it’s okay. But I’m truly envious of homes with a designated space to greet guests. Here’s a few entryway ideas if, like me, you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for the entrance of your home.

Wood and white always looks good together. Gleaming floors. A beamed ceiling. All that’s needed is a simple table and rustic wooden mirror to reflect light and check your look before leaving the house.

Farmhouse EntrywayPhoto at Houzz


Here’s another wood table and mirror in an extra wide entryway. A pair of black iron pendants add a little personality.

Farmhouse EntrywayPhoto by Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.


I think I like a simpler entryway like this coastal style foyer that isn’t too cluttered.

Coastal Style EntrywayPhoto by Lauren Leonard Interiors


If your front door enjoys sidelights and you desire a little privacy, add a pair of curtain panels that still let daylight through the fabric.

Farmhouse EntrywayPhoto by Historical Concepts


I love an extra wide entryway. This one is bright and airy. I also love a double door. Earlier this week I shared a variety of front doors in various colors and styles.

Farmhouse EntrywayPhoto by M House Development


If my house contained an entryway like this, you’d find my hubby sitting in the chair waiting for me to gather everything together before leaving the house.

Simple Entryway IdeasPhoto by Rejuvenation


This cute entryway contains a simple wooden chair to catch a coat or two.

Country Style EntrywayPhoto by Crisp Architects


Plants always look good in the foyer. If you’re worried about outdoor breezes hurting plants every time the door opens, consider using faux plants in this area. I prefer real plants since they help filter indoor air.

Simple Entryway IdeasPhoto by Sheila Mayden Interiors



Simple Entryway IdeasPhoto by REFINED LLC


No decoration is needed in an entryway with a beautiful staircase.

Entryway with StaircasePhoto by Fluidesign Studio


Make a great first impression in your home with a colorful rug in the foyer. Paint the inside of the front door in a color that matches the rug for a custom look.

Coastal Style EntrywayPhoto by JCD Custom Home Design

What do you have in your entryway?


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  1. I like entryways. Some are to large. A mirror is good to have in the entry. A lady likes to straighten her wind blown hair before she inters a room full of other guest. A space is needed for wraps and umbrellas on occasions. The lady of the house is usually very creative about such things. Thanks for showing us very appealing entryways.

  2. i have an entryway/foyer, but it’s small and pretty unusable as a “space.”. It has a wall on which sits the entry/front door, then walls to the right and to the left, and the 4th being an open entry to the living/great room. Sounds reasonable, but within this approx 6×7 three-sided space is a non-recessed coat closet taking up 1/4th of the space, and doorways to 2 other rooms, leaving no wall or floor space for a table or a chair. Even a floor plant is in the way of the various doorways. I do have some wall space to decorate, but floor space is at a minimum, so furniture is out of the question. It basically is a 5.5 foot wide short hallway from the front door to the rest of the house. I’ve hung pretty iron hooks next to the coat closet for guests to use. And, I’ve learned to be content with nice artwork on the walls, a pretty chandelier above, and a floor runner that is a piece of art in itself. We do the best with what we have and never apologize. That has become my mantra in attempting to make a stylish and livable home for myself.

  3. So many great ideas from each entry! Ours is wide but with the dining room immediately to the left and the circular stairs block the area I have to decorate with, our entry is blah. Even with all this beautiful inspo, I can make it look better. 🙁

  4. That last one just made my day! The turquoise door and that rug are devine. I could pull this off in my tiny front or back entry, just with a small version of the rug. My whole house is coastal, and I think I’m going to have to make this happen. It makes me happy just looking at it!

  5. What beautiful entries, i enjoyed them all, but liked the last one the best, i need to paint my door but maybe i should wait till i buy a pretty rug and then use a color from it. Thank you for all these great ideas.

    1. I agree that the entryways are all great but the last one is just the best. I have now got a new item to hunt for, a colorful rug for my front hall. I have alot of blue accents with neutral walls and floor in the area so I will definitely look for the same color pattern in an area rug. Also needs to be pretty as well as be good at hiding wet muddy dog paw prints !

  6. Hi there,

    The post about having live and faux plants at the front entrance. Do you happen to know what the colour and brand is of the light tile that is laid in herringbone?

  7. The coastal entries are making me wish for spring. I’m keeping the ceiling paint idea for that first coastal one. A great idea for a high ceiling. I’ve heard double doors are hard to seal properly? I would love to have them anyway. The curtain idea for the front door is a pretty neat simple idea as well. That sweet suspended bench seat would be a great easy addition or could make as a small table if space was an issue. The last coastal one..oh my! Come on spring!!! ….and we haven’t even had a good snow yet..Lol Still.

  8. Love something about each entryway! Do you think in the second photo that the paint is a gloss or high gloss? We usually use a satin sheen around here on doors and trim etc. so I’m curious. Thanks!

  9. Love looking at those beautiful entryways, Jennifer. Mine is not so beautiful. More funtional. We actually have two entryways. One is the entry into the livingroom that leads from our sidewalk through a lovely gated garden, but no one ever uses that one. The closest entryway is right by our driveway and the one we prefer. It enters into a long hall, mudroom/laundry room that also leads into a half bath and garage door. It has the pantry and coat closet too. Multi purpose for sure. Since it is so multi purpose and our dog door is also in the garage door, it’s often a mess. So not too beautiful, like the ones shown on your site today. Our big dogs bring in a lot of dirt and that entryway catches all of it.