1950s Bathrooms and a Pink and Gray Kitchen: Friday Finds

I’ve been bitten by the decorating bug – big time! There are three decorating projects going on at one time in my house right now. I’m putting the last painting touches on the kitchen, hubby cut a hole in the wall of our downstairs bathroom to update the plumbing, and batten is going up in our “new” dining room, which used to be the sitting room.

The kitchen is a two-step makeover because I plan to replace the cabinets, counter, and sink later this year (or early next year, time will tell). I’m super excited about the bathroom now because I found the perfect new fixture for our claw foot tub. We ended up calling a professional plumber to make the piping upgrades after opening the wall and seeing what needs to be done. Once the batten in the dining room is painted, we can call it a day in there. It’s definitely the easiest project. Stay tuned for the makeovers and for now, let’s get on with today’s Friday Finds!

Vintage 1950s bathroom with green tilePhoto by Tim Barber Architects

Remember the bathrooms from the 1950s and 60s? Pink, pale green, and aqua were the go-to colors. See this collection of 1950s bathroom makeovers that include both before and after photos (click on the arrows under each photo to see the transformations). Bonus – the owners kept the original tiles.

Discover a pink and gray Suffolk kitchen that oozes charm and functionality. The homeowner gave this kitchen a makeover before putting the house on the market. I think I’d be tempted to stay in the house with such a cozy kitchen.

Tour a truly gorgeous waterfront home that displays two unique east-coast styles. The outside takes on shingle style architecture, while the indoors is designed in Adirondack style. The result is a beautiful home lovingly dubbed, The Boathouse.

Don’t miss this glass potting shed and surrounding garden, complete with a cute outdoor sink. Viewing this garden space will surely get you in the mood to dig in the dirt.

Are you ready to experience a wow moment? Check out this basement renovation that will convince you it’s not a basement. It has the prettiest laundry room I’ve ever seen.

Planning your Easter brunch menu? Try serving my delicious Lemon Brioche French Toast with Berries. Very yummy and perfect for spring. You bake it instead of frying it in a pan, so it’s convenient, too.

Enjoy your weekend and take comfort in knowing that spring is just two days away!!

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  1. Thanks so much for doing a post on reviving vintage bathrooms. We downsized to a small home we bought from the original owners who built it in the mid 80s. The bathrooms were pristine but original. The over the toilet style sink vanity in the hall/guest bath was one of the first things I declared would go if we bought the house. HOWEVER after buying it, other things needed attention first and I began to actually enjoy the 80s aesthetic of the bathrooms. Now I have no intention at all of remodeling that bathroom!! I like its uniqueness and I want to preserve and even enhance the uniqueness of that era. In OUR homes we are free to do as WE like! 😉🎉