Front Porch Flag: Show Your Patriotism

As I was reading a couple of the comments from a previous post about the Leo Cottage, I was inspired to write a post showing examples of a front porch flag. Some of you mentioned you enjoyed seeing the U.S. flag flying from the cottage’s porch. So here’s a few more that I think you’ll enjoy!

Country Front Porch Flag - Americana at its finest

Is there anything more “Americana” than the iconic white porch above with its swing and flat with amber waves of grain in the background? Maybe apple pie and baseball. 🙂

While I like the look of a flag flying in front of a pretty home, the truth is, I don’t think you need to fly a flag to show your patriotism. In my humble opinion, true patriotism begins within our hearts and displaying the golden rule through our actions.

Gray Bungalow Porch with US Flag


A two-story porch features two flags – one on either side of the entrance to the lower porch. Such a fine example of a southern style home!

Two Story Southern White House with Double-Decker Porch


Here’s a closer view of the porch with the stars and stripes on display.

Two Story Southern White House with Double-Decker Porch


Normally this image would make me think it’s Independence Day or Flag Day, but it looks like fall so I’m guessing it’s a patriotic neighborhood or some other type of celebration.

Flags waving in a patriotic northern Virginia neighborhood.


A wrap-around porch lets Old Glory hang straight down – one flag between each sets of columns all the way around the house.

Brick House with Large Front Porch and Trio of Flags


A front porch flag doesn’t need to be relegated to a patriotic holiday, but one should make sure the flag isn’t frayed if displaying it year-round.

Historic Yellow House - Front Porch Flag


A variation on this theme shows a bit of red, white, and blue bunting on the front porch.

Victorian White and Green Home with Patriotic Bunting on Front Porch


I’ll give a shout out to my Canadian friends with their country’s flag proudly displayed in the winter time.

Snowy White House with Green Shutters and Canadian Flag


I hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration of front porch flags!


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  1. Beautiful! We fly our Flag year round on a pole since we do not have a gorgeous porch to fly it from. Thank you for sharing these wonderful homes that fly our Flag (and the Canadian Flag) in style. BTW, the Flags flying in the Fall may have been for Veteran’s day.

  2. Wonderful post! Perhaps it will inspire others to fly our flag year round. It reminds me of my Dad who proudly flew the and would put it out every morning and bring in every evening because he had no way to light it at night. Thank you for that memory this morning!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful story. In western Washington displays of American flags are often frowned upon. I’ve had holes burned in our front porch flag however we will not be deterred. Thank you again

  4. This is a wonderful post, Jennifer. We are so fortunate to have a classic and beautiful flag, as well, and I adore the buntings. Thank you, and have a great day.

  5. Thank you for posting about porch flags. So beautiful and heart warming for our great country America!