9 Easy Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter is a little more than two weeks away and since many of us are staying at home right now, we might have some time to be decorating Easter eggs. Here are nine easy ideas (well, maybe one is a bit harder) for you to try – even if you’re all grown up!

Yellow Easter Eggs


These first three images require the same technique for decorating. Yellow and purple are the classic colors of Easter – but really, any pastel will do.

Pastel Blue Easter Eggs


Use a kid’s dye kit to create a solid color egg – or paint them with acrylic paint. Then use a narrow tip paint brush and white acrylic paint to create simple patterns. Polka dots, tiny flowers, really any pattern will do. You don’t have to be an artist – the eggs don’t have to be perfect.

Decorating Easter Eggs - 9 Easy Ideas


How about a simple pretty ribbon tied around the egg? This might be a good option if you don’t feel like messing with paints. Simple and sweet!

Decorate Easter Eggs with Pretty Bows


If you’re not a pastel kind of girl, paint the egg a deeper, non-traditional color. Then use sticker type “ribbon” from the craft store and wrap it around the eggs.

Plum Colored Eggs with Gold Ribbon


Purple is a popular Easter color so decorating Easter eggs in shades of this hue is a no-brainer. Leave the eggs white and draw stripes and polka dots with a purple sharpie.

Purple and Lavender Egg Decorating Ideas


I love when eggs are used like mini vases. It’s surprisingly easy to remove the insides and rinse them out. You can see how to do this in my recent blog post about making DIY bunny eggs. Tuck the egg vase in a mini bird nest – so cute!

Turn Egg into Mini Vase


Hand painted eggs are such a pretty, delicate look. I could never paint like this, but maybe cutouts from a pretty napkin could be decoupaged on the eggs. I tried this technique on some terra cotta garden pots and they turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself).

Eggs Hand Painted with Water Colors


Finally, my personal favorite – speckled eggs that look like bird’s eggs. A few years ago I shared a fairly easy tutorial for making specked eggs. Give it a try! They’re fun to make.

DIY Colored Speckled Eggs


Consider decorating Easter eggs this year if you’re finding yourself at home while honoring a shelter-in-place order from your governor. Our state is currently in isolation and practicing social distancing and so far it hasn’t been so bad. It’s nice to slow down every once in a while.


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  1. Really cute ideas! Anyone who cannot help but smile at these happy eggs needs an attitue adjustment. We’ll be burying our 88 year old Mom tomorrow. She ran and finished her race well. Thanks for the smiles today 🙂 God is Faithful.