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How to Make Speckled Eggs

Since the kids are grown and have all flown the coop, we no longer dye eggs for Easter. I do love the speckled eggs you get at home decor stores, but sometimes they can be ridiculously expensive. A small bag can be $10 or more and I just can’t see paying that price for something that’s gonna be out on display for a week or two. So I decided to make my own speckled eggs for a fraction of the cost.

How to Make Speckled EggsThe best part of making your own speckled eggs is they don’t have to be perfect. I looked at some from the store that I already had and studied the speckled patterns.


Supplies for making speckled eggsI found plain white eggs at Target that are made out of some type of stiff paper or thin cardboard. I can’t really tell what the material is (paper mache maybe?), but they were $3 for a dozen and they’re pretty sturdy. I bought 2 dozen.


How to make painted speckled eggsI used both chalk paint and acrylic paint that I had in my craft cabinet. The eggs had a hole in the bottom so I decided to stick a bamboo skewer in the hole to dry them.


Drying Painted Easter EggsThen I stuck the skewers in an old piece of floral form and let them dry.


DIY Speckled EggsNow comes the fun part! Speckling the eggs! I watered down acrylic paint in Raw Umber. Not too much though. You don’t want the paint to run down the side of the egg. I dipped the tip of the paint brush into the paint and tapped off just a bit of the excess. Then, holding the brush in one hand, I tapped a finger quickly and firmly against the brush which sent speckles flying across the egg. A sheet of wax paper underneath catches the splatters. You can then put the skewered egg back in the floral foam until the dots dry.


How to make speckled eggsOnce they’re all dry, it’s time to decorate!


Speckled EggsI placed them in a large wooden bowl with nesting material.


How to Make Speckled EggsYou can see more of them in my Spring farmhouse tour.


DIY Speckled EggsThe egg at left is one I painted, the one on the right is from the store.


Speckled EggsFor $6 I have 2 dozen speckled eggs. Normally that would cost me over $20 for eggs this size.

Easter is less than a week away and all that’s left to do is plan my brunch menu! I’m having my children over and will have an Easter Egg hunt for the grand kids. What are your plans for Easter?


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  1. The eggs look great. i made some myself this week because I couldn’t find any in stores. I found that using a brush for the spots gave me drips or spots that were too big, so I used a firm toothbrush instead. I dipped it in watered-down paint, shook it off a little over a paper towel, then ran my finger down the bristles as I held the brush over the eggs. It worked really well.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I love your blog! The eggs came out great. I’m liking yours better than the store bought!

    I have a question regarding your bamboo mats. I have one and just ordered another from Decor Steals. How do you “wash” yours? I’ve been strictly using my vac and a dry stiffer, but would like to able to do a thorough cleaning! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

  3. That’s a fun egg idea! I can’t believe Easter is almost here. We will be attending church and then may have friends over for brunch.