A Scottish Home, a Beautiful Blue Kitchen, and My Koi Pond : Friday Finds

This week has been rather uneventful which is good for unwinding and destressing. Not that I’m feeling stressed though. Our pond got its spring cleaning and I’m anxious to feed the fish and relax to the sound of the waterfall. I plan to post before and after photos this weekend on my other blog, Pond and Garden, so you can see what a pond looks like in early spring (it’s not all that pretty until it’s cleaned). I’m also getting a couple of new waterlilies from my friend in Alabama who has a water garden nursery. I can’t wait to get the pond season started!

Detective Erika Waterlily and Koi in Garden Pond

Enough of the pond. Let’s see what’s going on with Friday Finds!

First up is a beautiful blue kitchen and laundry room. My first kitchen in our Sears catalog home had the same blue-hued cabinets. We even had a swinging wood door like you’ll see in this kitchen by Jamie Haller Interiors. I still love this color blue for a kitchen.

Southern Living magazine released a list of 25 calming paint colors if you want to create a serene vibe in your home. I was happy to see I have a couple of these colors in my house already.

See inside a Scottish home located on the west coast of Scotland. I love how the owners paired floral slipcovers with the more manly wood paneling in this sweet cottage. It’s a pleasing and welcoming contrast.

Want to vote for your favorite spring tablescape? American Farmhouse has four spring table settings from their readers that they’ve put up for a vote. Anyone can vote!

I think you’ll love this barn and garden makeover by Carol Reed. I can’t think of a more perfect place to spend a slow-living spring and summer day.

And finally, we’ll end with a beautiful blue bathroom makeover that features a gorgeous claw foot tub and a fun checkerboard floor.

Now I need to spruce up the house a little because my family is coming over on Sunday. It’s supposed to be 75 degrees so we’ll try to get the kiddos over to the park to blow off some energy. Enjoy your weekend – I hope it’s lovely!

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  1. Thank you Jennifer, for these great ‘Friday Finds’, that are unique, and inspiring.
    Good luck with finishing your spring clean up, for your lovely Koi Pond.
    And may you also have a very pleasant weekend.

  2. I always enjoy the Friday finds, thanks. Your Poi pond is another area that is so calming but, I’m sure some work is involved in keeping it pretty. Have a great time with those grandkids they do grow too fast.

  3. I enjoyed the 25 calming paint pictures,especially using a darker paint trim. The koi pond is beautiful, also enjoyed the Scottish post. Those furniture covers were spot on. Have a wonderful weekend.