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Enjoying August Days with My Backyard Pond

August is one of my favorite months of the year – second to the month of June when I get to do most of my planting around the yard. In addition to vegetable and flower gardening, I greatly enjoy water gardening. In fact, my backyard pond is my favorite spot in the yard because it satisfies all the senses. August is a great time to relax by the pond, feed the fish, listen to the gentle waterfall, and gaze upon the gorgeous waterlilies!

Nymphaea Antares - waterlily in my backyard pond

Today’s the first Saturday of the month, which means it’s Cozy Living Saturday. I join a few blogging friends to share what we’re enjoying this month. For me, it’s enjoying the great outdoors – either in my yard, at a forest preserve, on a lake – whatever connects me with Mother Nature. You can find my friends’ inspiration at the end of this post.

But now, back to my water garden. This beautiful waterlily is new to my pond this year. It’s a tropical waterlily called Antares, which is the name of a star. Tropical waterlilies rise above the surface of the pond, whereas hardy waterlilies bob on the top of the water. Tropical lilies also have scalloped edges on the lily pads, while hardy waterlilies have smooth, round pads.

Nymphaea Antares - tropical waterlily in the pond


Here’s my hardy waterlily called Madame Wilfron Gonnere. Waterlilies are often named after people. In fact, you can pay to have a lily hybridized and then name it after someone. You can see my beautiful golden butterfly koi gliding among the lily pads in the background. I have a total of 7 fish, all but one are some type of koi.

Nymphaea Madame Wilfron Gonnere - hardy waterlily


A close-up of one of my butterfly kois reveals her anticipation of being fed. Butterflies have longer, flowing fins than standard koi. They look so graceful floating through the water. The smaller, spotted fish is a shubunkin.


And here’s my largest koi. I’ve trained him to take food right out of my hand. He’s a shusui koi. Sometimes he tries to nibble on my toes when I dangle my feet in the water. It doesn’t hurt, but it always surprises me when it happens. And when I’m standing in the pond (it’s two-feet deep), the koi will rub up against my legs just like a cat does.

Koi fish in a backyard pond


Last year I planted lavender by the pond and it’s nice and full this year. The scent is light and fragrant.

Lavender planted next to a pond


I either sit at the edge of the deck with my feet dangling in the water or in one of the Adirondack chairs. It’s a great place to read a book, enjoy a cup of coffee, or sip a glass of wine in the evening with the lights on in the pond. Sometimes I just sit out here and do nothing at all except enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of my pond.

Backyard deck next to a water garden with waterlilies


This is what the water garden looks like at night when the lights turn on. It’s a joy to watch the koi swim past the lights and create new shadows in the pond.

Backyard pond in the evening



Pond at Night with underwater lights


In addition to the fish, a few critters make their appearance in the pond – like this friendly frog who stayed still enough for me to get an up-close photo of him enjoying the waterfall.

Frog in a waterfall


I truly wish everyone had a pond in their backyard. Not only is the beauty enjoyable, but the sound of the waterfall is so soothing and the entire experience is a big stress reliever.

Nymphaea Antares - tropical waterlily in the pond


My pond was installed by Aquascape a few years ago. You can learn about how to enjoy your own water feature on their website, which is filled with awesome backyard ideas.

Here’s a short video of the pond – turn up the volume and enjoy the sound of the waterfall!


I hope you enjoyed seeing my pond – it’s even better in person! Now head on over to a few of my friends to see their inspiration for August.

Cozy Living Saturday - August 2022

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  1. There really are no words for your pond and surroundings. You have created a little slice of heaven and I would be at your house everyday to enjoy it with you so you better be glad that I am 950 miles away!

    Your pond reminds me of the natural seep pond located in the woods behind historical Ft. King here in Ocala. I grew up just blocks away from the Ft. King site. We always knew it was a very historically important part of Florida’s history and I always loved feeling a part of that. However, the actual footprint of the fort was not located until about 10 years ago and the generous property owners and city have worked to see the site restored and the fort to be authentically rebuilt.

    My point however, is the POND!! Growing up my older brother and his friends would explore the woods and pond areas of the site and they would tell us stories about the “WATER BABIES”; little creatures who lived in the pond who would lure, capture and devour those who dared to come near. I was a pretty fearless little girl but for some reason, the thought of the water babies struck terror into my heart and while taking on most any dare, I would never go into those woods! Now I realize that my big brother was really just trying to protect the younger kids from getting lost in those woods or running the risk of encountering a deadly moccasin which inhabits warm, watery areas.

    When Ft. King officially opened, we were able to tour the authentically rebuilt fort and walk the beautiful surrounding forested trails. I will NEVER forget coming upon that ancient seep pond told by my big brother to be the home of the bloodthirsty water babies. It was a stunning and breathtaking place of natural beauty and I felt as if I was in a holy, sacred sanctuary.
    I go back there often and every time it is the same experience.

    THAT is what I thought of when I saw the video of your exquisite pond and I am sure that is what you also feel every time you encounter it. You are indeed blessed. And thank you for all the expense and labors of love you put into it to share it with others.

  2. Oh my gosh! Beautiful – your pictures are breath taking! Your fish are really big and I loved the frog picture. The flowers are unreal and the color is so vibrant. It’s all just amazing

  3. I know you enjoy it a lot and I did too, when you finally shared it with us. lol!! I’ve waited all summer for these pictures. Those fish are so cute and so enjoyable and your frog too. Thanks Jennifer.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. You have really made this a work of art. I especially liked the coy Butterfly Koi peeking out from under the lily pad….and that wonderful frog!

  5. Did you day stress reliever?! Oh my…sounds perfect. We keep working away at our backyard so maybe one day we will get to the pond idea. Yours looks so inviting Jennifer. The butterfly Koi I’ve never heard of. They are so pretty! Wow!
    You spend lots of time out there relaxing….life is tough now days:0)
    Thanks for sharing…makes things a bit brighter for all of us.

  6. What a beautiful way to unwind and start or end your day! I have a small fountain, and the sound of the water is indeed very relaxing, I agree. Your fish are beautiful, but it makes me wonder if you have trouble with raccoons or herons stopping by for “lunch”. I have all I can do to keep the squirrels and chipmunks from ruining my fountain and disconnecting the hose that leads to the pump. I’m sure since yours is much larger and was professionally installed, that is something you don’t contend with. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, with us. That frog pic is frame worthy!