Simple Pleasures of a Charming Front Porch

It’s hard to believe August is already here. Fortunately the days will still be warm for a couple more months, so there’s still time to enjoy simple pleasures on the front porch. Speaking of porches, my daughter is currently house hunting and I accompanied her last night to see a quaint, older tri-level that has a cute front porch as well as a screened back porch. She and her hubby put an offer on that house and are waiting to hear back from the owners. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Victorian Porch on White HousePhoto by HSH Interiors


Every porch needs some foliage like the twin container gardens flanking the front door of this farmhouse style porch. The brick steps pair well with the wood porch floor.

Southern Style Front PorchPhoto by Historical Concepts


I think everyone loves a big wrap around porch and if it’s hugging a pretty historic home – all the better!

American farmhouse front porchPhoto by Sheldon Pennoyer Architects


A pretty Southern ranch wears an eco-friendly green roof above an ample porch and deck. The red chair makes a great place for shucking sweet summer corn.

Front Porch with Green RoofPhoto by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


An elegant front porch paved in brick boasts a pair of pillars framing the front door. White rocking chairs are the perfect spot for watching the sun rise or set.Southern Living Front PorchPhoto by Highland Homes, Inc.


One thing I’ve noticed about some of the newer houses in our area is that the builder doesn’t make them deep enough to enjoy. I don’t know why that is, other than to save building costs.

US Flag Flying on Front PorchPhoto by Stono Construction LLC


I don’t mind a small porch like this one. At least there’s enough room for a rocking chair and the light fixture is charming.

Simple Farmhouse Porch with Boston FernPhoto by Brickhouse Kitchens and Baths


I think it’s best though if a front porch has enough space for several people to gather and enjoy the fresh air.

Outdoor Dining on Farmhouse PorchPhoto by Winsome Construction


I have to admit, we don’t spend as much time on our porch as we used to ever since we got the pond. But it’s still a relaxing place to unwind and enjoy the last weeks of summer.

summer porch, farmhouse porch, front porch


What ways to you like to enjoy the last of this warm, sunny season?


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  1. Thanks this was a warm and wonderful post with lots of memories of all the porches i have sit on and enjoyed through the years, porches are perfect for making memories. Have a great day.

  2. Porches must be the “comfort food” of living in a home. Being outside, breathing frest air, seeing the sky, hearing nature, feeling the earth itself; these things are essential to good health. My Mom is living at an ALF now. Getting her outside produces a visible positive effect on her mental and physical condition. Porches provide that kind of therapy.
    We don’t have a big front porch now but we do have a wonderful screened porch. My day is not complete unless I spend at least a few minutes rocking, watching and listening.

    1. Beautifully written. When I was 20 I started working for a home support company and I got a house bound 96yo out on her porch to sit. It was a big journey to make it down one step due to her pain and immobility. It was so worth it. You could see the joy on her face just to see the familiar view she hadn’t seen in years. I even captured her joy in a photograph but will never forget her face. I love your story and hope to have my own porch to rock on one day.

  3. I love all front porches and I’m most envious. I know if I ever got a house that it would be a must have. I love to be able to watch all the goings on in a neighborhood and be able to greet and invite for a lemonade not to mention just enjoying all nature surrounding it.

    1. The best purchase I made for our forever home was a pair of rocking chairs for our front porch. It is where my husband I start the day with a cup of coffee and sometimes even breakfast. If we don’t go out there our yellow lab let’s us know it is time and she is not easily ignored! In the evening we are out their again with a cold drink watching the hummingbirds taking their last meal for the day,listening to the rumble of distant thunder and as it gets dark seeing the bats chasing mosquitos and moths. When colder temps arrive we miss all this but even then still often bundle up and have our evening outing on the porch. Just love decorating it for every season and would be lost without this little area of our home.

  4. Nothing like a front porch! I fondly remember hanging out on my grandparents porch, snapping green beans with my grandmother or just chatting on her old metal rocking couch. I have a small front porch on my vacation home and I love to listen to the bees on the hydrangeas.

  5. I re-read these posts and noticed that I had commented 3 years ago.
    My Mom passed from this earth into the full Glory of her Lord, Jesus, in March of 2020.
    I still take my own advice and get out in that wonderful, healing sunlight everyday for a few minutes every day, if possible. Putting our feet in the grass and earth grounds our body’s electrical system because we were made from the earth. And I still enjoy our porch with morning and evening cups of coffee, hot tea or the ever special glass of Southern sweet tea!!
    Life is precious, beautiful and holy seen through His Eyes.

  6. I have an amazing covered front porch on our old Texas ranch house. 10 foot deep and goes all the way across the front of the house. It’s wonderful to sit there in the mornings with a cup of coffee. Thing is, I can’t keep any plants/flowers out there in the summer. The house faces due west, and for some reason the setting sun is very strong there and absolutely burns to a crisp anything I put out there. We have a nice patio in the back, and sit out there in the evenings. I like to decorate my porch, but it has to be without live plants/flowers. Some of the porches you have shown just look so sweet and inviting!