Cozy Corner by the Christmas Tree

Welcome to another installment of our new Cozy Living series! In November I shared how to use candles and blankets to make your home warm and fuzzy. Today I’m sharing my cozy corner by the Christmas tree. My cozy blogging friends have ideas for making your home cozy, too. Their links are at the end of this post and I know they all have great inspiration to share with you.

Cozy Living by the Christmas Tree


When I was a little girl I’d run home from school, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and just sit there and gaze at the tree. In the evening after dinner, Christmas music played while I’d enjoy my spot by the tree and fireplace.

Cozy Living by the Christmas Tree


A nine to ten-foot real flocked live tree graced my childhood living room. The tree stand rotated and played music, slowly spinning the Christmas tree, and I was mesmerized by the magical experience.

Christmas Tree in Mixed Metallic Tones


Today I still feel the same way about Christmas trees – much like Kevin in Home Alone. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a twinkling tree.

Christmas in White and Neutral Tones


And so this year I created a cozy corner by the Christmas tree just for me.

Cozy Corner by the Christmas Tree


A new lantern casts a cozy glow while I sit in this spot and read, or just gaze at the tree and daydream.

Cozy Christmas Lantern


A Christmas throw provides warmth on chilly evenings while a holiday wreath pillow adds a little comfort. Small touches make a big difference when creating a comfortable home that you love.

Cozy Christmas Corner with Wing Chair


Miniature wood and paper houses line the windowsills near the tree.

Christmas Snow Villas


Pretty holiday boxes are strewn about waiting to be opened on Christmas morning.

Christmas Presents and Poinsettia


As a child I would beg to sleep in the living room by the tree on Christmas Eve. I never believed in Santa Claus. My mother felt the fantasy of old Kris Kringle robbed the holiday of its true meaning – the birth of Christ. I wasn’t waiting for Santa’s arrival; I just wanted to be near the beauty of our tree.

Christmas Tree in Mixed Metallic Tones


Do you have a cozy corner by the Christmas tree? A big comfy chair is a great place to unwind and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Cozy Living by the Christmas Tree

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  1. Your home is always cozy.

    My cozy spot this time of year is on the sofa in the living room looking at the fire, lights on the mantel, our fun Charlie Brown Christmas tree, lights outside… Our house seems cozier because of all the garlands around the house, extra Christmas pillows on the furniture and a Santa Claus in every room. I love the coziness of this time of year.

  2. Oh my goodness, your tree is stunning and your cozy corner is the perfect spot to curl up and have some magical you time! I adore your childhood memories! I had no idea you could flock a live tree! I think my husband may be mad with you when I tell him you told me that! 😉 Kidding! But, I may be flocking my live tree! How cool!

  3. You just keep taking it up, notch by notch. Good for you and really good for us. Thanks for allowing the Lord to bless us through the gifts that He put in you 🙂

    1. Hi Deb!

      I think that’s one of the nicest and most inspiring comments I’ve ever gotten on my blog … “Thanks for allowing the Lord to bless us through the gifts that He put in you.” That really means a lot to me. Thank you so much for your encouragement and exhortation!

  4. What a beautiful little spot and a beautiful tree! There’s something so magical about a Christmas tree. I feel the same way. Ya gotta soak it in as much as possible because it’s over much too quickly. I love this idea of a spot by the tree just for you! Your tree is stunning, love the ribbon!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful …… That tree is stunning !!! I love that “perfect” place to get comfy and enjoy the tree at Christmas!!!

  6. Jennifer, this is all so gorgeous. LOVE the tree and your cozy spot by it and the fire! Also love those sweet little houses. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! xx

  7. I do have a cozy corner in my sitting room / study. Right now there is a beautiful red poinsettia with old style ticking fabic wooden trees on the auntuque chest plus, of course, a blanket that is so soft.