11 Red Decorating Ideas for Every Room

Red attracts attention more than other other color. It’s equated with love, passion, strength, energy, and even danger. The color can be a dynamic way to enliven a tired room when done right. Here’s 11 red decorating ideas to inspire every room in the house.

Farmhouse dining room exhibits red decorating ideasPhoto by Kathryn Ivey Interiors


Red is typically a bold color choice, but it can be soft and feminine too, as evidenced in the soft floral fabric of a club chair. The fabric reminds me of a dress I made myself in high school. It was a favorite of mine.

Club chair in soft red floral patternPhoto by Just Fabrics


If red decorating makes you a little nervous, use just a touch of it in a room. It pairs well with brown in this pretty bedroom and is a great color scheme for fall.

Brown and red bedroom with vaulted ceilingPhoto by Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design


Paint walls red in a room where you frequently entertain guests. Red decorating energizes the space and creates a lively atmosphere.

Red walls in a living roomPhoto by Elms Interior Design


Draw attention to special details in a room like the sinks and light fixtures in this children’s bathroom.

Red Decorating in Children's BathroomPhoto by Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLC


Red is said to increase your appetite, so it makes an obvious choice for a dining nook.

Country Red Dining NookPhoto by Simonsen-Hickok Interiors


Red decorating to stimulate the appetite works well in the kitchen, too.

Red decorating in a farmhouse kitchenPhoto by Dunlevie Interiors


Red decorating in a rustic kitchenPhoto by Blackburn Architects, PC


Add a red striped carpet runner to your staircase for a fun pop of color.

Traditional Staircase with Red Striped Carpet RunnerPhoto by Brownlow Interior Design


Even a small touch of red decorating add interests to a room. Your eye is naturally drawn to the small chair with its red and tan upholstery.

Red and Tan Upholstered Chair in Traditional Living RoomPhoto by Rachel Oliver Design, LLC


Don’t neglect to add a little red decorating outside of your home. Who can resist a cute little red shed?

Farmhouse Shed in Red Board and BattenPhoto by Gensburg Toniolo Harting Architects


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  1. I think all these places with their red accents are adorable. Not overdone. Just very pretty. I don’t even have a favorite because I liked them all. But that little red shed would be fun wouldn’t it? Thanks for finding these examples and sharing with us.

  2. I loved the little eating nook and the rug on the stairs, I have a red rug in my bedroom and guest, they were my mothers.

  3. I’m thinking of painting one wall red in my living room. It’s a tall wall that has a peak. I forget what it’s called….I’m having a senior moment. Anyway, I think it will add a wonderful ambience to the room.

  4. They’re all wonderful, in MT I had western style patterned rugs with horse blankets (with red in them) on tables. Think I had it in KY also. CO just didn’t seem right for it. Different shades of reds make a difference. Great post.

  5. Red is my favorite color and these examples all show how it can tastefully be used in your home without over powering the rest of the room. Thanks for this post! Very inspiring.