Beautiful Cozy Cabins, a Converted Barn + More: Friday Finds

Are you ready to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend? It’s nice to enjoy an extra day off from work, but it’s also important to remember those who died while serving in our country’s military. Our town has a small parade that ends at the local cemetery with a short remembrance service. If you have loved ones who served our country and lost their lives, please know that their sacrifice does not go unnoticed. It’s perhaps the most worthy and honorable sacrifice of all – to lay down one’s life for others.

Before we head into this holiday weekend, enjoy this week’s roundup of treats and treasures that include a tour of an English cabin that you can rent, seen in the photo below.

Cove Valley Cabin

Photo courtesy of Cove Valley Cabins


Let’s start with an inexpensive and easy way to spruce up a room, use straw hats and bags as decorating décor. In my first home, my bedroom had a wall display of straw hats that I loved. I wish I had taken a photo of it. I previously shared on my blog how to decorate with straw hats. You can find them for pennies at garage sales.

There seems to be a home downsizing trend in the U.S. That might be due to the boomers looking for smaller spaces now that they’re empty nesters. It could also be due to homeowners wanting ease of maintenance so they have more time for leisure activities. Whatever the case, I came across the cutest cottage plan at Liberty House Plans. There are several cottage plans to enjoy. I always thought someday I might build a small house on the adjacent lot that we own, but right now it houses some of my gardens.

This week I stumbled across the cutest vintage kitchen where there’s a colorful party on the ceiling. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean!

You don’t want to miss this adorable cabin rental in the U.K. Even if you’re not traveling there, the cabin is worth a look. The inside is vintage cabin and the outside features a wood-fired hot tub.

Where I live, there always seems to be a few pancake breakfasts on Memorial Day offered by various groups as fundraisers. But now that I see this recipe for fluffy pancakes, I’m tempted to stay home and make my own because these look divine! On vacation our family takes turns making meals so maybe I’ll sign up for a breakfast meal and serve this comfort food recipe.

We’ll end today’s collection of treasures with a tour of a barn converted to a home in the Cotswold region of England. I love every square foot of this beautiful getaway! I think you’ll agree it’s pretty dreamy.

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  1. Those fluffy pancakes look so good and easy to make. I’m going to try them tomorrow wish me luck LOL. Have a safe and fun weekend.

  2. I love touring houses and rooms and you always seem to find the best. Thanks and have a great time with your family, Happy Memorial weekend.