Enhance Your Outdoor Living: The Love of a Screened Porch

With cicadas making their appearance across the country during their 17-year emergence, you might find yourself wanting to keep the bugs at bay. A great way to enjoy outdoor living without the interruption of winged pests is by adding a screened porch to your home. If you’ve ever considered this type of addition, or you already have a screened porch, check out today’s line-up for inspiration and decorating ideas.

A simple farmhouse porch is large enough to accommodate both dining and conversational areas. The screens could have been added later in the home’s life since there are shutters at the windows. Or perhaps the homeowner wanted to create the feel of being on a front porch that’s not protected from pests by screens. Regardless, the gray-blue floor is gleaming and pristine and the addition of red cushions adds just the right touch of color and spice.

large farmhouse screened porchPhoto by Tim Hine


A fireplace is a great way to extend the enjoyment of a screened porch into the cooler months. The truly adventurous outdoor lover could even enjoy this space when the snow is falling. Simply light a fire and don a winter jacket while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, protected by the elements. I love the little scallop-shaped ottoman.

screened-in porch with fireplace and living room style furniturePhoto by


Here’s another porch that enjoys a beautiful fireplace. A sisal rug is the perfect choice for outdoor living areas that can be affected by outside elements like rain that descends sideways during windy days. 

three-season porch with fireplacePhoto by TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders


Here’s a unique twist on a screened-in porch! The details on the ceiling and walls create an interesting, roomy space for a large table. The large oval acts like a faux window to enjoy unobstructed views of the landscape. This is probably the most unique porch treatment I’ve seen with all that custom millwork. I think I’d have to serve afternoon tea out here. 

fancy three season porch with dining tablePhoto by


Want to create more square footage in your home without the hefty price tag? This porch serves as a three-season family room complete with a fireplace and television. The vaulted ceiling allows for hot air to ascend while the ceiling fan helps the cooling process. Fun colors and a comfy couch make this a great space for outdoor living.

screened-in porch with fireplace and TVPhoto by L. Cramer Builders + Remodelers


If you prefer rustic style, you’ll enjoy this cabin inspired porch with its wood-planked ceiling, natural stone fireplace, and branch-inspired furniture. The space is large but feels cozy. With three sides screened in, you truly feel like you’re out in the woods. I can imagine lounging on this porch listening to the birds outside. And how idyllic would it be with a gentle rain falling just outside? It’s a perfect book reading day!

rustic porchPhoto by Ambiance Interiors


A screened porch can look just as appealing from the outside as the inside.

screened in porch exteriorPhoto by MPR Architecture


This is the interior of the porch in the photo above. There’s a nice mix of florals, stripes, and geometric prints. 

pretty summer porchPhoto by MPR Architecture


At night, a screened-in porch is alluring when the lights are on. Thankfully the screens keep the bugs out despite their attraction to the lights. 

screened in porch exteriorPhoto by Daryl S. Rantis Architect


You’re one of the lucky ones if your home has a screened porch. You get to enjoy the great outdoors with sharing space with mosquitos and other flying critters!


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  1. I love my screened-in porch, I put cedar shingles on the part next to the house and every summer when I wash it down they smell so wonderful.

  2. Oh I’ve always wanted a screened in porch. These were beautiful. The one with the lattice or millwork was pretty, but a nightmare to clean I imagine. I would certainly enjoy these porches. A glass of tea, a meal, a boardgame or book to read. So much fun.