Fall in Love with a Crisp Blue English Style Kitchen

If you’re a fan of color in the kitchen and you like the color blue, you’re in for a treat! Today I’m featuring a crisp blue, English style kitchen by Laura Design Company located in the suburbs of Chicago. If I could afford to hire a design team for my kitchen, this would be it! I think you’ll see why.

Pale blue kitchen cabinets in English style decorPhoto by Laura Design Company


I’m calling this an English style kitchen because it reminds me of kitchens you see in the U.K. Simple, recessed panel cabinets painted a crisp blue and paired with warm woods from the rustic ceiling beams to the polished floors.

Crisp Blue English Style Kitchen with Wood Ceiling Beams and FlooringPhoto by Laura Design Company


The pattern carries a sweet little floral-type pattern which I prefer over a more contemporary, geometric pattern. It lends a country cottage vibe that I find so endearing.

English style traditional kitchen with light blue cabinetsPhoto by Laura Design Company


The custom hood vent matches the lines of the cabinets and is painted the same crisp blue color. 

Custom kitchen hood vent in cottage style kitchenPhoto by Laura Design Company


An expansive island features open shelving at one end so you can display some of your favorite kitchen pieces. Or maybe this is where you store your most-used serving pieces so they’re easy to grab. Floor to ceiling cabinets provide plenty of storage and also remind me of an English style kitchen.

Traditional English style kitchen with large island Photo by Laura Design Company


I like when a kitchen has a mix of open shelving with upper cabinets. Between the windows is a great spot for this type of application since the shelves won’t obstruct views or any natural light through the windows. It creates an airier appearance.

English style traditional kitchen with light blue cabinetsPhoto by Laura Design Company


Of course, every quaint and pretty kitchen needs a white farmhouse sink underneath a window.

White apron sink beneath a country cottage kitchen windowPhoto by Laura Design Company


And that golden goose neck faucet – I need that in my life. I don’t like huge kitchen faucets and this one is graceful and a little old-fashioned looking.

Golden gooseneck faucet in a traditional kitchenPhoto by Laura Design Company


You can see more photos of this pretty blue English style kitchen by Laura Design Company over at Houzz. Maybe I could win the lotto someday so I could work with the designers! 


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  1. So pretty. I like the tile and faucet too. Not a fan of those bold tiles everyone is using on TV these days. I like the more vintage looks so much. The blue/grey/greens are having a big moment now and I really like them.

    1. Hi Jillian – we’re kindred spirits regarding vintage style and colors. I like a little brown, too – and I’ve never been a fan of brown until lately. Glad you enjoyed the kitchen tour!

  2. This kitchen is gorgeous. I’m not usually a fan of blue in a kitchen but it looks really lovely here. And I agree about the tile.
    I think you are talented enough to copy a style (or combination of) that you like and design your kitchen yourself!

    New Hampshire

    1. Hi Christine! Thanks for the vote of confidence with kitchen design. I actually do have something in mind already that really isn’t all that different than what I currently have. It will definitely need to be a budget makeover. LOL.

  3. Two houses ago I had a very similar colour in my kitchen and although I lived there for 16 years I never once grew tired of it. Every day the kitchen looked fresh and welcoming which in our hot climate can only be a good thing. There was enough warmth in the shade so as not to look cold in the winter. I currently have a white and stone kitchen but if there is another house I would like to go back to blue if it suits the house. The featured kitchen is so pretty thanks for showing it Jennifer.

    Brisbane Australia

    1. Hi Alison! I think blue is the perfect color for a kitchen in a warmer climate. And your current kitchen of white and stone sounds beautiful. I love stone inside a house – it feels so earthy and organic! Glad you enjoyed today’s kitchen tour. 🙂

  4. The befores and afters on the designer website are really astonishing. I’m not even a “blue person,” but I like this kitchen and think those floral tiles will endure. I’m with you on the faucet. Truly beautiful.