Cozy Kitchen for the Summer Season

No doubt about it – summer is my favorite season. The earth is bursting with life and all its goodness. My favorite room in the house this time of year is my cozy kitchen.

Cozy Kitchen for the Summer Season


Welcome to another installment of our Cozy Living series. My blogging friends and I are sharing how we make life cozy during the month of July. For me, I’m drawn to creating fabulous meals with all the produce from local farmer’s markets and my own vegetable garden. I know a lot of people don’t like to cook during summer, but it’s my favorite time of year to fix food and enjoy the earth’s bounty.

Cozy Kitchen during the summer season


On especially hot days, and we’ve had plenty of steamy, sultry summer days, I opt for easy salads.


Mission Fig and Walnut Salad with Manchego Cheese


French purple fig spread pairs deliciously with whipped ricotta cheese to layer atop crackers.

Purple Fig Spread and Whipped Ricotta Cheese on Crackers


A fig salad bowl seems like the perfect table setting for this healthy summer meal in our cozy kitchen.

Cozy Kitchen for a Healthy Summer Meal of Salad and Figs


On the kitchen counter, I added a fun enamel dairy sign – you know how I love farm animals! They’re scattered about my house.

Enamel Dairy Farm Sign in Country Kitchen


Every morning I enjoy a cup of iced coffee in one of the matching enamelware farmhouse mugs. They’re larger than most mugs and perfect for cool drinks like iced coffee.

Enamelware mugs in farmhouse motifs


More farm produce is waiting to be transformed into something tasty. I’ve been poring over my cookbooks looking for unique recipes to enjoy fresh foods in new ways. I’m sharing recipes every Friday now on my blog – a new Foodie Friday series!

Farmers Market Produce in a Farmhouse Kitchen


It’s the weekend and I’ll enjoy trying new recipes to celebrate all the goodness of the Earth. I just love the month of July and spend a lot of time here in our cool and cozy kitchen.

Cozy Kitchen for the Summer Season


Head on over to my blog friends below to see how they enjoy celebrating the beautiful month of July!


Cozy Summer in July

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  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful for summer. Oooh, that salad sounds lovely, too. What do you put in it? We buy that French jam, too. Isn’t it the best?

  2. I don’t mind cooking in the summer as well. I have air conditioning, so its not like it was many years ago when cooking made the house so hot. I love the fresh food I can get in the summer and tend to eat much more clean and healthy foods. And I love to carry it outside in the evening to my deck table where it’s shady and the day is beginning to cool.

    However, fall is my favorite season for cooking and everything else – clear air, low humidity, less bugs and my dogs can be outside more. Hard to think of a downside other than the fact that winter will be coming next. Grrrrr

    1. Hi Pat! Yes to eating cleaner and healthier! Summer is perfect for that. I love fall too and it would be my favorite season except that the days are so much shorter. I love when it’s still light out at 9 pm and I absolutely hate driving home in the dark from work at 5 pm. Ugh! I think I could handle winter better if the days were long like summer. 🙂

    1. Hi Nancy! The farm sign is from Hobby Lobby. It’s enamel. The salad bowls were from HomeGoods a couple years ago – haven’t seen them elsewhere.

  3. You have a lovely kitchen and i can see why you you like to spend time there. I love salads in the summer to eat with cold chicken,turkey etc. and fresh bread.

  4. I LOVE cooking (and baking) in the Summer too! It’s the perfect chance to put all of those fresh summer fruits and veggies to work and a perfect excuse to use those adorable dishes!

  5. I looks like we’re on the same page when it comes to summers in the kitchen. That salad looks delicious, Jennifer! Figs and ricotta cheese… umm yes! I’m also loving those mugs and plates. They’re adorable! Thanks for sharing a little piece of your summer with us. 🙂