Best Use and Design of Small Kitchen Space

I do believe I have found a small dream kitchen that seems to have it all – style and functionality. – Today’s small kitchen by Terracotta Design Build makes such great use of space in charming style, it’s hard not to fall in love with this charmer!

Small Kitchen in Neutral Tones with Natural Wood Kitchen IslandPhoto by Terracotta Design Build

Take a step back and you’ll see that the actual meal prep area is somewhat small. But true to “charming old house” form, nooks and crannies add storage and functionality. Like this adorable pantry carved into the entry to the breakfast nook. It reminds me of my first house, a Sears kit bungalow, that had one of those wooden ironing boards built into the wall behind a narrow door. I loved that house!

Kitchen pantry built into wall and hallway of charming older homePhoto by Terracotta Design Build

Here’s the view into the breakfast nook. On the left side you’ll see the pantry doors. Gorgeous wood floors pave the way for beautiful design and functionality. I’d rather have a small kitchen with custom features than a large, cookie-cutter one.

Custom kitchen in older home with wood floor and shaker cabinetsPhoto by Terracotta Design Build

Lots of windows keep the breakfast nook light and airy. A custom banquette includes drawers underneath for storage. A stackable washer and dryer set is enclosed behind screened doors. 

Breakfast room with stackable laundry in older English homePhoto by Terracotta Design Build

You can fold laundry at the table or on a counter, and if the house had a drop-down ironing board, you could take care of that task, too. 

Breakfast room with stackable laundry in older English homePhoto by Terracotta Design Build

Here you can see the flow into the breakfast nook. I love the small island which provides a little more storage and counter space. I sometimes wish I had chosen a smaller island for my own kitchen.

Small Kitchen in Neutral Tones with Natural Wood Kitchen IslandPhoto by Terracotta Design Build

What do you think of today’s small kitchen by Terracotta Design Build? Did it tug at your heartstrings as much as it did mine?

I’ve been featuring a kitchen every Thursday for several months now, but starting next week, I’ll feature some type of room tour on Thursdays. I’ll still show plenty of kitchens, but I’d like to showcase other rooms, too.


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  1. Yup! Love love this kitchen and breakfast nook! Very well thought out and just charming. I especially love the light over the sink! Do you have any info on that? This kitchen, though small, is at least twice the size of ours and having laundry right there is an absolute dream come true!

  2. Yes, I agree. I like it over a large open Kitchen with. The light over the sink is a nice touch which adds interest to a clutter free simple kitchen. You home is just as beautiful. I would like to know the stain color on the wood floors. It is not to dark or raw looking.

  3. I love this kitchen I have always loved kitchens that weren’t all open. It has everything right there and so arranged that you still have room for family or another cook, it’s perfectly cozy.

  4. I love this kitchen. It feels like a kitchen you can breathe in, being clutter free and so functional. Happy New Year’s Eve, Jennifer!

  5. This is a very pretty kitchen and so functional. I like the way the washer and dryer was incorporated with it being hidden behind screen doors You don’t always have to have huge kitchens for them to look nice and or be functional, I personally like them to be on the smaller side but not too small. Happy New Year’s !

  6. A beautiful kitchen with nice storage. Love the pantry. Not really that small though. Would love to have a kitchen just like this.

  7. Cute kitchen! Just my size. I’d love the built-in pantry and having a washer and dryer in my apartment would be one of my greatest wishes!

  8. I love this kitchen! My kitchen is huge, (I know, what a problem, right?) which can be nice, but when it comes to cleaning, can take quite a bit of time. This kitchen is light and airy, and I love the touch of wood from the island.