Bridget’s Plant-Filled Boho Chic Living Room

This past Sunday I babysat my little Forrest, which I’m always happy to do. He was napping when I got to Bridget’s house so I took advantage of the time and took photos of her beautiful plant-filled boho chic living room.

Boho Chic Living Room


I think Bridget has done a great job pulling this room together, with a little help from her mom. She and her hubby bought their bungalow earlier this year and we’ve had so much fun decorating it!

Boho Chic Living Room


The light-gray sectional sofa was the starting point for the room. Bridget fell in love with this one that she saw at a local boutique-type store.

Light Gray Sectional Sofa


Bridget picked out all the pillows by herself. She’s a plant lover so it’s no surprise her boho chic living room is filled with them.

Houseplant on Coffee Table


Bridget texted a photo of this fun chair to me and asked if she should get it. I thought it was perfect for her boho chic style. And I love the little floral pillow on the couch.

Boho Chic Living Room


A trio of plants sit below a new rattan mirror. Whenever we go shopping in Geneva, we always stop at the plant store (and never leave empty-handed).

Houseplants and a Rattan Mirror


Bridget tends to lean toward the quirky side when it comes to plant pots.

Clay Figurine Planter


A trio of hanging plants add interest above the corner of the sectional sofa. Rather than hang curtains, we thought a plant grouping would look better.

Hanging Philodendron Plants above Sofa


Once the boho chic sectional was chosen and delivered, the coffee table was selected. It’s just the right height for the boys to pull up one of their small chairs.

Boho Chic Living Room


Some people decorate with collectibles, my daughter decorates with houseplants. Her plant obsession has rubbed off on me.

Boho Chic Bungalow


We have fun picking out planters together. And of course we usually want the same pots.

Collection of Houseplants


Bridget’s boho chic living room still needs a rug. I always think a rug is one of the hardest things to choose. You want something pretty, but it has to be versatile too in case you want to change a room’s color or style. But for now, I think the room has come together quite well and I’m so happy she’s enjoying her new home.

Boho Chic Living Room with Plants


Oh, and this little guy finally woke up from his nap just as I finished taking photos. He wasn’t walking yet when I took this picture, but a few days later he took his first steps.

Baby Foo

I hope you enjoyed seeing Bridget’s boho chic living room. Little by little her home is coming together! I’ll probably share her kitchen next.

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  1. Love her style and all the plants. Do you know where she purchased the blinds?. Been looking for some in a lighter color and those are close to what I want.

  2. Reminds me when I was in my 20.s plants hanging everywhere…..I always like the look. Bridget did good.
    And that cutie is tooooo cute for words. Thanks for sharing

  3. Looks like she has a good sized living room. Love the arch over by the beautiful staircase. Also think the piece of furniture on the wall close to steps is cute. Good job. Looks forward to seeing more.

  4. The living room looks beautiful. Love all the plants, I’m a plant lover myself so this room appealed to me very much. But I think the best part was the little cutie patootie in the last picture.

  5. She has a wonderful style, love her living room and plants. I love some of her pieces of furniture and staircase.

  6. How fun! Love her beautiful floors. And your precious grandson. Can’t wait to see the kitchen. Thank her for sharing their home with us.

  7. Great choices for the Living Room! It looks so inviting. Your little sweetie-pie has a killer smile!

  8. Absolutely love her living room. That couch is beautiful…the nailhead trim is such a nice touch. You gave her your good sense of style, mom.

  9. I plan on repainting my living room. Bridget’s living room looks like it is a light gray colour. Would you be able to tell me the name of the colour? Her living room IS really cute and I like the colour combinations in it. Thank-you for sharing.