Stylish Condo in Chicago Ravenswood Neigborhood

Have you been to Chicago? The Second City as it’s often called has oodles of charming neighborhoods with beautiful homes. Today we’re touring a stylish condo in the Ravenswood neighborhood.

Condominium Building in Ravenswood ChicagoPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


Here’s the view from inside those bay windows on the front of the condo building. A modern light fixture pairs with a farmhouse table and cross-back chairs to create an eclectic dining space. Instead of curtains, the owners used a two-tone paint treatment to emphasize the windows.

Dining Room in Stylish Condo in Ravenswood Neighborhood of ChicagoPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


Just beyond the dining room is the living room where a cute pooch has made himself comfy on a leather sofa. A series of botanical prints add a touch of nature above a rustic console table.

Leather Couch with Dog in Stylish CondoPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


I don’t know what the style of this chair is called, but it has a mid-century modern vibe. Note the built-in cabinet that houses vintage treasures.

Cozy Living Room in Southwestern StylePhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


The stylish condo has a modern kitchen that’s warm and inviting. Dark blue paint looks gorgeous above the stone back splash. This is exactly what I would expect a Chicago condo kitchen to look like.

Stylish Condo Kitchen in ChicagoPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


Painted oars add whimsy to one of the bedrooms. Did you notice that they’re painted in a pattern similar to the Southwestern pillow?

Southwestern Style BedroomPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


The city condo has lots of windows to let in plenty of natural light. In Chicago where skyscrapers are abundant, the streets can get pretty shady. In quaint neighborhoods like Ravenswood, the buildings aren’t so tall.

Small Chicago Condo BedroomPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


The southwestern vibe continues into a second bedroom of the stylish condo, and the door leads to a cozy balcony.

Southwestern Style BedroomPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


If I lived in the city, I would absolutely need some type of private outdoor space. I once visited a friend of a friend who lived on Chicago’s Gold Coast in a high-rise luxury condo. Although the views and decor were magnificent, they had no balcony. If they wanted to go outside, they had to take the elevator all the way to the first floor and exit out to the city streets.

Stylish City Condo BalconyPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography

You can see more of today’s stylish condo photographed by Rachel Loewen over at Houzz.

While the trees are still green and days warm, I’m going to have to head into one of Chicago’s neighborhoods for a walking tour and get pictures of the architecture of some of the homes. One of my blogging friends lives in Chicago and you’ll love seeing her home over at It All Started with Paint.

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  1. I’m with you. I have to have some type of outdoor space and a little Juliet balcony like some city condos provide, just doesn’t do it. The balcony above is good, but I’m sure it’s rare in city living. I guess I’m Midwestern small-town girl to the core. Have to feel the ground (or a big outdoor deck) under my feet.

  2. I think that you were drawn to the usage of plants in the spaces. 🙃
    BTW: Your pond and backyard spaces are swoon worthy. 👏👏👏

  3. We all get use to where we are and there is always good and bad. I have visited Chicago a couple of times and it was pretty and old and i liked that about it, they relish their vintage buildings, as they should.. This was a nice condo, thanks .