Charming Old Homes in St. Charles

Two weeks ago I took you through a tour of the Pottawatomie district of St. Charles, Illinois. Today we’re finishing the tour with a few more charming old homes in the area. You’ll see a mix of brick, clapboard, small, and spacious homes. My husband calls this part of St. Charles an “idyllic place to live” and I do believe he’s right.

Victorian House in Pottawatomie Park District of St. Charles, Illinois

This beautiful Victorian has been updated and is a shining star at the top of the hill. Down below flows the Fox River where Pottawatomie Park is situated.


Lanterns Hanging on Front Porch

A close-up of the front porch reveals the little lanterns suspended from the porch beam.


Cottage Bungalow with White Picket Fence

A little further down the street is this quaint charmer with its picket fence and cottage garden. I love the diversity of this neighborhood.


Victorian House with Fish Scale Trim

Around the corner is a pretty Victorian house painted in pale gray, cream, and white; with just the right touch of fish scale trim. Simple cafe curtains hang in the leaded window.


Victorian House with Fish Scale Trim

A side view of this corner-lot home reveals more of its gardens. Note the rain barrel under the downspout to the left of the porch. We have the same one at our house (it’s made by Aquascape where I work).


Stately Brick Home in St. Charles, Illinois

This stately brick home occupies most of its block. Several years ago it had fallen into disrepair, but today it looks as spectacular as ever.


Green and Orange Clapboard Home

Another home with fish scale trim, this one is painted green and orange. Not your normal combination, but it does help the details pop.


Blue Adirondack Chairs in Yard of Craftsman Style Bungalow

A charming craftsman style bungalow overlooks Pottawatomie Park and the bright blue Adirondack chairs provide the perfect viewing vantage.


Charming Old Homes in St. Charles Illinois

A pair of white rockers down the street provide a similar view of the valley. Pretty coneflowers intermingle with orange daylilies at the edge of the property.


Charming Old Homes in St. Charles

A weathered gray door greets visitors to this multi-peaked roofed home. Green vines add a bit of color and helps tie the home into the surrounding landscape.


Garden Shed with Cottage Garden

We spied a cute little garden shed at the end of our walk. I love messy gardens like this.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of charming old homes in St. Charles. I’ve already scouted out the next neighborhood, which spans both St. Charles and Geneva. The homes are smaller and adorable and I think you’re going to love them!  Stay tuned for the next walking tour.


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  1. Another enjoyable walking tour. I loved them all but would love to see the interior of the brick house.

  2. Love the brick one with black sh utters.


  3. Gorgeous. I enjoyed the tour. We’re buying a motor home this fall. Adding St. Charles to a place to visit!
    Thanks for sharing.

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