Not Your Ordinary Cabin in the Woods

On occasion, I like to feature a unique home that may or may not knock your socks off. Today’s home is a fabulous cabin in the woods nestled among tall trees on a Maine island that I think everyone will enjoy.

Modern Cabin in the Woods - Living RoomPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


The windows and wood work throughout the home is beyond amazing! With views like this it feels as though you’re living outdoors without having to battle any elements like rain or wind. Even though the ceiling is high, the kitchen and breakfast nook feel warm and cozy due to the rich tones of the woodwork and the calming gray-blue paint on the cabinets.

Rustic Kitchen with Expansive Window and Wood TrimPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


The dining room is equally amazing with dappled sunlight shining through the trees. Notice how the large windows flip up for maximum fresh air. The furnishings are just as beautiful as the room itself, complementing the architecture as opposed to fighting it. 

Rustic Dining Room - Cabin in the WoodsPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


The staircase is rich and rustic at the same time. I love a bare naked wooden stairway in any home, but this one is truly special with all the grain pattern of the wood showing through. I wonder what’s behind that tiny door on the left?

Rustic Wood Staircase in Modern CabinPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


There’s no shortage of windows and natural light in this extraordinary cabin in the woods. The eye can see angles of the home from a variety of vantage points.

Modern Cabin in the WoodsPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


The cabin’s sun room continues the architectural theme of wooden beams and over-sized windows. Special care was taken not to remove the surrounding trees and it looks like the home grew up in the middle of the wooded island.

Modern Cabin Sunroom on Wooded IslandPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


Imagine what it would be like to sleep in this bedroom with the starry sky just outside the wall of custom windows! I like that the shingling is repeated inside the house, adding texture and interest to the room. And the wood floor is sheer perfection, in my opinion.

Rustic Cabin Bedroom with Wall of WindowsPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


Here’s an exterior view of today’s island cabin in the woods. So much privacy and nature to enjoy! I would move into this home without hesitation.

Maine Cabin in the Woods - exteriorPhoto by Winkelman Architecture


You can enjoy more images of today’s modern cabin by Winkelman Architecture over at Houzz.


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  1. Very nice but I definitely would need curtains at night —guess I’ve seen too many horror movies, privacy would be an issue

  2. Beautiful home, but I’m still trying to figure out those dining room flipped up ? windows. I can’t figure out how it would be engineered to move and they don’t seem to be the same style of window as the rest of the windows on that level. Oh well …..

  3. I like all of the wood. I thought under the windows were cedar singles but I think it’s strips of wood cut to lengths.
    I also wonder what’s on the other side of the little door. One thing for sure, you will have to step high to enter. I also like the open kitchen. No bar to have to walk around daily. The table is moveable for more space if desired.

  4. I love it! The design is interesting and appealing. Of course, living in a home, surrounded by trees, is a dream of mine.

  5. This home brings the outside in, in every way. It seems natural and relaxing. I did not think that so much wood could look so good. Love the light from the windows. Would be interesting to see what the home looks like at night.

  6. Such an amazing home. I am another Laura that lives in CO and the idea of living in the woods has always held it’s appeal. The wood work is beautiful. How the home draws your eye outside….to enjoy the view. Fabulous home! Would move there without hesitation! Thanks for the tour! The Other Laura

  7. Wow. Beautiful. Love all the wood and windows. The only thing I’m not sure about is the use of shingle siding on the interior.