Moscow Log Cabin: Charming Home Tour

Lately I’ve been coming across a lot of beautiful homes in Russia, like today’s Moscow Log Cabin. I’ve never really studied Russian architecture and design, but I find it has unique appeal. Take a tour of this charming cabin and enjoy its cozy appeal.

The logs have a light finish which creates a bit of airy appeal while allowing the home to have cozy appeal.

Modern Log Cabin Living RoomPhoto by I.D.interior design


The swing chair provides additional seating without taking up floor space. The chandelier lends elegance to a pretty window seat with earthy-colored pillows and soft Roman shades.

Modern Log Cabin Living RoomPhoto by I.D.interior design


A wood-burning stove provides warmth on frosty nights. An oriental rug and patterned pillows add just the right touch of color.

Log Cabin Living RoomPhoto by I.D.interior design


The eat-in kitchen is delightful with its turquoise pendant lights and dining chairs of different colors. I love the dark counters and backsplash, and the wood beams add another element of rustic charm.

Moscow Log Cabin KitchenPhoto by I.D.interior design


Moscow Log Cabin KitchenPhoto by I.D.interior design


Did you notice the exposed wiring in today’s Moscow log cabin?

Green Hutch in Moscow Log Cabin KitchenPhoto by I.D.interior design


Rough-hewn floors amp up the home’s earthy and organic factor.

Log Cabin Hall and StairwayPhoto by I.D.interior design


The mud room has a herringbone tile pattern. I really do love the soft Roman shades throughout the Moscow log cabin. I need to replace all of our window shades. They’re starting to look their age.

Rustic Mudroom and EntrywayPhoto by I.D.interior design


The details of this home are truly amazing. All the different cuts of wood and attention to detail!

Log Cabin Hall and StairwayPhoto by I.D.interior design


The bed wears soft, textured linens in neutral shades creating a peaceful environment for rest and sleep.

Light Log Cabin BedroomPhoto by I.D.interior design


Enjoy a wood-burning stove at the foot of the bed on chilly nights. At the same time, view the stars and moon through the skylight.

Wood Burning Fireplace in BedroomPhoto by I.D.interior design


A unique, multi-colored tile floor makes an appearance in the bathroom.

Rustic Log Cabin BathroomPhoto by I.D.interior design


Moscow isn’t all clouds and gray skies. Soak in the sunshine on the front porch!

Log Cabin Porch and EntrywayPhoto by I.D.interior design

See more of this charming log cabin by I.D. Interior Design.


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  1. We don’t have enough love of all things Russian coming out of DC . You do realize that no ordinary Russian citizen could ever own such a home?

  2. Oh my word! I think I’m in love! 😍 It’s so bright and airy, yet warm and inviting and those beams {sigh}. Thank you for sharing, DH loves log cabins, I can’t wait to show him.

  3. This is a really well done home. Beautiful and so many wonderful ideas. Thought I don’t really care for log cabins, I could live in one like this! Wow.

  4. There’s a lot to love about this home. Definitely not what you think of when you think of a home in Russia. However, the exposed wiring would drive me crazy since I even have a thing about lamp cords and other electrical cords showing. I guess this is what you do when your home is made of logs, and they’ve done a good job of disguising it. This was an interesting tour.

  5. What an eye opener. I guess I’ve never thought of a Moscow cottage being so up to date with details that seem more common here. The wood logs really add to the architecture and the subtle additions of blue and green bring in some color. Love it!

  6. I never visioned Moscow to have a home that looked like that. I think with the logs stained light, it gives it a more modern feel and yet they had alot of rustic elements . very unique for sure.