Captivatingly Cool: Blue Living Rooms Make a Stylish Splash

Cool blue. It’s a great color to use in your home if you live by the water, but there’s no reason why we landlubbers can’t use it, too. My oldest daughter doesn’t like blue rooms but I find them calming and interesting. Darker shades are dramatic, while softer shades can be sweet and romantic. To see the difference in how the intensity of color plays in interior spaces, I’m sharing a collection of blue living rooms.

You don’t have to commit to painting your walls blue. Look how rich a windowpane navy fabric looks on a couch and chair. A light blue club chair balances the darker navy, and it looks like the ceiling is painted a similar, soft shade of blue.

Navy windowpane fabric on furniture in sun roomPhoto by Our Town Plans


Blue and green always look great together, especially when they’re in a room this grand and impressive with its architectural ceiling and interesting windows. I love the mix of patterns on the pillows and rug.

Blue and green family room - collection of blue living roomsPhoto by SLC Interiors


Vivid blue paint adorns the built-in book cases in this small living room. The darker paint gives a feeling of intimacy and coziness. 

Blue living room in townhousePhoto by Gleicher Design – Architecture & Interiors


Pale blue walls lend an air of sweetness to a small, sunroom-style space. A white ruffled slipcover on the loveseat paired with wicker chairs painted blue, add to the romantic ambiance of this charming room.

Pale blue romantic sun roomPhoto by J Wilson Fuqua & Associates Architects


An eclectically decorated home joins today’s collection of beautiful rooms. Copper elements are the perfect accompaniment for the darker shades of blue seen here. White trim gives a crisp finish. When I first saw this photo, it inspired me to do an entire post about blue living rooms.

Eclectic home - blue living roomsPhoto by Little Black Fox


Most people think you can’t use dark colors in a small room, but darker hues create a cozy and dramatic vibe in smaller spaces. The white, vintage mantel pops against the navy blue wall. 

Navy blue den with white fireplace mantelPhoto by Paul Craig Photography


A coastal style home enjoys a blue and white traditional living room. Aqua and navy look great together. You might remember seeing this room in a home tour featured previously here on the blog. The entire house enjoys shades of blue.

Navy, aqua, and white family roomPhoto by Andrew Howard Interior Design


Here’s another take on green and blue, featuring a paler blue with lime green. The white background sets it all off.

blue and lime green living roomPhoto by Bowley Builders


Does this room look familiar? This Nantucket home was also featured here on the blog. It also enjoys quite a bit of blue in its décor. Note how well navy blue pairs with the sandy shade of room paneling. 

Nantucket living room with navy tufted furniturePhoto by Pinemar, Inc


Did you enjoy today’s collection of blue living rooms? Do you have a favorite?


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  1. I am a huge fan of using blue in the home. I especially like the dark shades such as navy. In my current home I have navy as the feature colour in most rooms. Blue goes so well in our hot climate. In a past house I had a blue kitchen and how I loved that kitchen. It always looked fresh and I never tired of it. Blue is a winner for me.

  2. I liked the 2nd living room and the one just before the last. I use to have my bedroom painted blue. I am thinking about painting my trim a blue color. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The blue color in the living room that inspired you to write this post looks just like my blue living room. I also have some copper colored accents and white trim. I love the color blue and have incorporated it into almost every room in my house. I enjoyed all of the blue living rooms that you shared; they are all beautiful.

  4. Thank you, Jennifer, it took me a day or two to view this post- too busy in the garden lately!
    But I love every one of these blue home ideas, hard to pick out just one or two to say are my favorites. Although…lol