How to Create a Cozy Spring Family Room

May has arrived and it finally feels like spring in Illinois! Today I’m joining a few friends for our monthly “Cozy Living” series that’s published the first Saturday of each month. I thought I’d share how to create a cozy spring family room using my own space as an example.

Cozy Spring Family Room with Flowers and Pillows


My inspiration was this beautiful white Portuguese bowl from HomeGoods. I knew I wanted just one item for the coffee table and spied this beauty while wandering the store aisles.

White Bowl of Roses on Coffee Table


Aztec pillows in pink and blue (also from HomeGoods) dot my white sectional sofa, so I decided upon pink and white flowers for the bowl to continue the soft color scheme.

Pink and Blue Aztec Pillows on White Sectional Sofa


Lightweight woven throws in shades of pink and blue to match the pillows add texture and cozy appeal. It’s still cool at night so it’s great to snuggle under the soft throws while reading or watching TV.

Pink and Blue Aztec Pillows with Pink and Blue Throws


Do you ever have lucky and unlucky shopping trips? I hate when I can’t find what I’m looking for, but the shopping angels must’ve been with me because I found the pink and white faux flowers when I found the white bowl.

White Stoneware Bowl with Faux Pink and White Roses


A blue waffle blanket drapes over one end of the sectional creating more cozy goodness. I’ve decided to be brave this summer and leave the beige covers off my sectional. We’ll see if I can keep it clean and white. Wish me luck!

Create a Cozy Spring Family Room with Flowers and Pillows


The end table enjoys a small button fern on the lower shelf. It’s one of my favorite houseplants – I love its shape!

Blue Throw on a White Sofa Sectional


Pink and white faux roses fill a light blue vase. I never thought I’d be such a fan of faux flowers but they’re pretty realistic-looking these days.

Faux Roses in a Light Blue Vase


Pillows, throws, and beautiful flowers all come together to create a cozy spring family room!

White Bowl of Roses on Coffee Table

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  1. This is so beautiful. I LOVE the pops of pink and that bowl is stunning. The aztec inspired pillows are lovely too. Your home is so ready for summer. Oh, and I didn’t know about that kind of fern so pretty! Do you have any advice on outdoor ferns that are perennial? I’d love to add some to our yard.

    1. Thanks, Danielle! We have quite a few ferns in our yard. They need to be in a shady place. It seems like too much sun “burns” their leaves. They’re pretty low maintenance. I’ve never had to water them more than what they get from the rain. They send out shooters and will spread, so from time to time you need to dig some up if they get out of control.

  2. Your family room looks beautiful. I was never so happy to see something go as I was when you replaced the burlap curtains. I also notice a new rug that amazingly brings the “cozy” factor to a much higher level. The pops of pink and blue in your room are definitely Spring/Summer cozy and I love it.

    1. Hi Pat! Those burlap swags! I hung on to them for far too long!! What was I thinking? LOL. The cats had fun batting at them though. The “new” rug was in a different room but I like it better in here. Eventually I’ll get new rugs for other rooms in the house. 🙂

  3. Your room looks very pretty and very cozy. Where did you get your sofa covers ? Did they come with the sofa or did you buy them separate and where ? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find what IAM looking for. Thanks for the info.

  4. so pretty jennifer. I have the same aztec pillow. i bought one, got home and wanted another went back to HG and they didnt have any. enjoy your lovely space.

  5. So very pretty….. I love Home Goods!! But what caught my attention was that end table…. Beautiful!!! I’ve not noticed it in previous posts…. The whole room is so cozy and ready for spring & summer !!!!