How I Stay Sane during the Fickle Spring Season

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, PEOPLE®,  and Real Simple® but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SpringintoMeTime is on its way and is officially here on Friday, March 20th! This past week we've been blessed with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. While I love the spring, it can be a tumultuous season here in the Midwest. One week it's … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Florida Beach Cottage

Today's charming home tour is a little different, but still inspirational. I kinda screwed up my own schedule and didn't have a blogger's home for today. I have a calendar and everything, so it was just oversight on my part. But have no fear ... I have an adorable Florida beach cottage for you to tour. Simply click on any photo to be taken to the entire home tour at Houzz. Beach Style Exterior by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers … [Read more...]

My Experience Being Published in an Italian Decor Magazine

Less than 2 months ago I received an email from Annarita Triarico, an Italian journalist working for Lotus Publishing. She wanted to feature my home in one of their magazines, "Gli Speciali di Casa Chic."  At first I thought it was a joke, but I looked at their publishing site and realized it was a legitimate request. Unfortunately, this magazine is not for sale in the United States, but I'll receive several hard copies of my own. As you'll see … [Read more...]

Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve

After the trick or treaters have come and gone, how will you spend what's left of your hallowed evening? For me, it's going to be a relaxing, candlelit bubble bath.Lots of autumn candles scented with pumpkin and cinnamon.Makes me wanna just climb on in.A good book is a must when you want to linger in the bubbles.A variety of candles is heavenly, as long as you make sure the fragrances blend well.I wrapped a few mason … [Read more...]

My Claw Foot Tub Gets Frenchified

This weekend marks the third time this year that I've painted the bathroom. And I'm happy to say I think I finally found the right color and the right touches. Still a few more tweaks to be made but I think I'm on the right track now. Took long enough!Here's my beloved claw foot tub. It took me years to get up the nerve to paint her. In my last bathroom post, I said I wanted to paint her, and ya'll encouraged me to do it.About 99% of … [Read more...]

The Bathroom Makeover Gets a Makeover

Can we talk? I'm frustrated with my bathroom. My downstairs bathroom is kinda narrow and it has no window. It's hard to decorate and it's even harder to photograph due to complete lack of natural light. Anywho ... I gave it a makeover several months ago and wasn't happy with it. So here I am again, posting about my bathroom after a few changes. Call me crazy, but I wanna paint that claw foot tub. I don't dare though,  because someone took a lot … [Read more...]

My Bathing Beauty

Slow but sure, room by room, my house is undergoing a transformation of sorts. Not a full-fledged remodeling assault ... just a simple sprucing up. A fresh coat of paint here, a new rug there. Hubby is rolling his eyes thinking, "here we go again." And so, without further ado ...Hubby installed the molding (love him!). I painted the upper walls in Linen, the bottom wears Simply White.Thankfully the old toilet still functions. I love its … [Read more...]

Stuff I Wanna Get Done in 2012

If I were to list everything I wanna get done in 2012, this blog post would involve so much scrolling down the page that you'd be sure to get carpal tunnel syndrome. For now, I'll limit it to manageable goals ... and goals for which I have pictures taken. So in no particular order ... Paint the house. This photo was taken several years ago so it doesn't look like it needs painting. Fast forward about 10 years and this little cottage is in need of … [Read more...]

Rub a Dub Dub: A Claw Foot Tub

What really sold me on our house when touring it for the first time, was the claw foot tub in the downstairs bathroom. I had always wanted one and there it sat, in all its glory. Upon further exploration, we found another one in the upstairs bathroom. One day soon, I'll take photos of each ... but not until I get a new camera. It's been frustrating trying to get sharp, indoor images with my Canon PowerShot. So tomorrow, I'm heading over to the … [Read more...]

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