Friday Finds #32: Keep Hope Alive

Wow. What a week. I’m exhausted but it’s not from lack of stress. It’s from grief and anguish over what’s happened in our country. Most of us are probably craving peace and unity during this time of challenging turmoil. Never lose hope – there are always moments of joy and blessings in life.

Lupine and Daisies on Rustic Boards

Since I’m a little tired and stressed, I’ll get right into this week’s Friday Finds. I hope something here will lift your spirits and inspire you!

First, I found a new blog that I absolutely love! It’s called Nadine Stay and I was impressed by Danica’s makeover of her home’s exterior.

Next up is an amazing kitchen reveal at Light and Dwell. I love everything about it.

Have you heard of net curtains? House and Garden shares the simple beauty of these pretty curtains.

This spring I’m planning a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. So I was happy to find a website dedicated to visiting the Smoky Mountains.

Here’s a charming post about tips for artfully restoring an old house. I found a few ideas to incorporate in my own home.

Finally, we could probably all use some comfort food right about now. So go ahead and indulge with my Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie recipe. Be sure to add a scoop of ice cream!

Take a deep breath, think of 5 blessings in your life, and you’re sure to feel a bit better! Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. The Smoky Mountains are a favorite destination for me and my husband. Looking forward to any reviews/pictures you share. We are always looking for new areas to explore and enjoy in the region. We have spent a few days in Chattanooga and enjoyed the downtown riverwalk area. Civil War history became redundant after a while…I can only absorb so much history.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful post, and your kind words of encouragement, Jennifer. Sending you hope for peace and comfort, as well. Have a great weekend.

  3. I enjoyed all you had for us today, I enjoyed the house, sheer curtains, and kitchen, thank you so much. I am not afraid for my redeemer lives.

  4. I am feeling overwhelmed with all the turmoil right now as well. Hope is what we have. I will do that. Nadine Stay’s little home exterior makeover is darling! What a cool shade of green! I feel her on having to paint several times before it was perfect as I’m the same way. I have to see it, then I may change it but I have to see it and sometimes feel it before I can make a decision. Same with buying Cookies sound like a good thing right now and chocolate is perfect!
    Thanks Jennifer for the pick me up:0)

  5. Your advice to take a deep breath and think of 5 blessings worked! Reminded me that there really are good things (and people) in this little life of mine. Perhaps watching/reading less news will help lessen stress. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Deep breaths and fresh air for all!