Clever Bathroom Ideas to Try Now

I confess. I’m not 100% happy with my bathrooms. Honestly speaking, the rooms could be more cohesive in design and decor. With a critical eye on my own house, I’m looking at clever bathroom ideas that anyone can use in their bathroom. Whether you like contemporary or vintage, you’re sure to find an idea to incorporate.

Contemporary Bathroom in Wood and TilePhoto by Etelamaki Architecture


Bead board below a chair rail is an easy architectural element to add to a bathroom. It instantly adds character and you can stain it or paint it any color you wish.

Vintage Bathroom with Bead Board Half WallsPhoto by Battle Associates, Architects


You can choose basic builder’s bead board that comes in sheets, or opt for a more custom look.

Bathroom Ideas to Try NowPhoto by Katy SB Design


Choose a new color for your bathtub to instantly change the mood of your room. I paint my claw foot tubs every couple of years. If you don’t have a claw foot, you can purchase quality tub and tile paint to change the look.

Bathroom Ideas for Any Space and BudgetPhoto by Lukonic


Add a cute bath stool. If budget is a concern, find a cute and inexpensive little stool to place by the tub. It lends instant charm and won’t put a big dent in your pocketbook. 

Glamorous Bathroom with Standalone TubPhoto by Boswell Construction


Paint the vanity and cabinets. You might only need a quart of paint if your vanity or bathroom cabinets aren’t large. Rather than opt for white or cream, go bold! You can always paint it white if you don’t like it.

Painted Vanity and Cabinet in Farmhouse BathroomPhoto by Folkway Design & Wares Co.


Build an enclosure for your tub. This is one of the best bathroom ideas if you have an ugly tub. Frame the outside of the tub with two-by-fours and cover with bead board sheets or similar. You have a custom look for little expense.

Wood Surround Built Around BathtubPhoto by Interior Designer


Painted Checkerboard Floor in Vintage BathroomPhoto by Katy SB Design


I might be stating the obvious here, but investing in a new shower curtain is another one of many economical bathroom ideas. Summer is the perfect time to add a splash of color with a curtain that you can swap out with the seasons.

Bathroom Ideas - Update with a Colorful Shower CurtainPhoto by Tara Seawright Interior Design


The same can be said for towels. Change up your bathroom towels from time to time to give your bathroom a fresh face!

Bathroom Ideas - Swap Out Your TowelsPhoto by Adeeni Design Group 

What clever bathroom ideas have you incorporated in your home? With warmer days approaching, there’s likely to be more bathing and showering!

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  1. Jennifer,
    I change my artwork out with the seasons. It gives me something different to look at. 😉

    New Hampshire

  2. Those built in enclosure tubs remind me of my first house. An old Victorian with a tin lined copper tub surrounded by wood. Never thought it would be in style again. Thank you. Enjoy your posts immensely

  3. Those built in enclosure tubs remind me of my first house. An old Victorian with a tin lined copper tub surrounded by wood

  4. I grew up in an old upstate NY farmhouse- with a pump at the kitchen sink and big metal tub that my mom hauled in and filled with stove warmed water for our baths. Over the years my father made many improvements, but with well water (not water conveniently supplied on demand from a city system) and a pump that died every fall, some mornings I actually washed up in my uncle’s pond across the road. With a salt shaker to kill the leeches. Yikes! Got to say, a plain big box store basic renovation, with hot and cold water on demand, more than meets my needs! I change up the shower curtains, window treatments, towels, etc off and on. Some days I forget how good we have it here, for so many of us, myself included.