Small City Kitchen That Has Everything!

Custom kitchens always pack a powerful design punch, and this small city kitchen in Chicago seems to have everything despite its diminutive size. Dark gray and gold pair up to create an elegant, classic vibe with a custom range hood and matching pendant lights. Photo by KitchenLab | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors   My dream is to someday have a grand range with double oven like this one. White subway tile and warm wood floors give a nod to … [Read more...]

13 Colorful Kitchens That Are Filled with Charm

Decorating styles come and go and I imagine at some point in the future, people will begin to crave colorful kitchens after white kitchens start to fade in popularity. Here are 13 beautiful examples of charming kitchens with pretty colors! Photo by Fireclay Tile   Adding color to a mostly white kitchen is easy to do. Here, Alison Kandler, one of my favorite interior designers, fills open kitchen shelves with brightly colored … [Read more...]

9 Kitchen Peninsula Ideas to Enhance Your Cooking Space

Remember when most new homes in the 70's came complete with a kitchen peninsula? Today they're being replaced with kitchen islands, but the peninsula has features and benefits that might make you think twice before tearing it out and replacing it with an island.  Photo by Elizabeth Lawson Design Kitchen peninsulas are connected to a wall or piece of furnishing, while a kitchen island is free standing. While the island is popular with today's … [Read more...]

Cozy Kitchen for the Summer Season

No doubt about it - summer is my favorite season. The earth is bursting with life and all its goodness. My favorite room in the house this time of year is my cozy kitchen.   Welcome to another installment of our Cozy Living series. My blogging friends and I are sharing how we make life cozy during the month of July. For me, I'm drawn to creating fabulous meals with all the produce from local farmer's markets and my own vegetable … [Read more...]

Small Kitchen: How to Make It Work

A small kitchen can be a beautiful space for cooking and enjoying great food. Here's a few examples on how to make its small size work for you and your family! Photo by Signature Kitchens   To give the illusion of more space, keep your cabinets lighter in color. White paint brightens rooms, making them feel larger. A hint of pale blue is provided with the subway tile. The effect is soft and pretty. Photo by Studio Miel   Having … [Read more...]

Country Inspired Summer Kitchen

Create a country inspired summer kitchen with simple farmhouse decorating details. Open shelves and free standing pieces recall days of a simpler time in the heart of the home. (This post contains affiliate links.)   Today I'm joining a talented group of bloggers for the Seasonal Simplicity summer home tour. A special thanks goes out to Krista at The Happy Housie for organizing this week's event (links to participating bloggers are at … [Read more...]

12 Earth Tone Kitchen Ideas

White kitchens have been riding the popularity wave for years now (my own kitchen is white), but wood finishes and neutral tones add warmth and cozy appeal to the heart of the home. Enjoy these earth tone kitchen ideas to add an organic element to your own cooking space. Photo by Crisp Architects   Natural kitchen cabinetry shows the beauty and rich intricacy of wood grains. To keep the kitchen bright, a white subway tile and light brick … [Read more...]

Coastal Kitchen in Blue and White

Our temperatures here in Illinois are cresting over 80 degrees for the next full week. That means it's beach time! That's what it feels like anyway, but it could return back to cooler breezes in early June.  Since I'm in a summer frame of mind, I'm sharing a pretty coastal kitchen that's bright and fresh! A pale blue kitchen island adds a splash of ocean color surrounded by white cabinets and subway tile. Photo by DuChateau Floors   A … [Read more...]

Is This the Most Beautiful Kitchen Ever?

First let me say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have our unique tastes which is why there's a wide variety of clothing styles, furniture designs, and so on. I find today's kitchen to be the most beautiful kitchen ever and understand if some of you disagree. But for me, this kitchen combines the best of functionality with a charming European country style. Photo by deulonder arquitectura doméstica   The colors in the … [Read more...]

Tour a Colorful Bespoke Kitchen

Some people struggle with the amount of color to add to a room. How much is too much?  And how much is enough to keep a room from looking sterile or boring? Today I've found a colorful bespoke kitchen that enjoys a pleasing balance of various hues. Wood floors, white walls, and light gray kitchen cabinets provide a solid foundation for adding color. Photo by deVOL Kitchens   Your eye is immediately drawn to the stove area. Shelves are … [Read more...]

Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen in Gray and White

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with kitchens and I don't really know why. Maybe it's just the combination of the functionality and aesthetics of a kitchen that draws me in. Or maybe it's simply because the kitchen is the heart of the home. Today's farmhouse kitchen is beautifully decorated in gray and white. The kitchen island bar stools remind me of those seen at old-fashioned ice cream parlors. Photo by Advance Design Studio, Ltd. A … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchen in the U.K.

Today we're touring one of my favorite kitchens on Houzz. It has country charm and practicality throughout. This truly appealing farmhouse kitchen is located in the U.K. (as are most of my fave kitchens). Crafted by Hill Farm Furniture, Ltd., every nook and cranny of the bespoke kitchen tugs at my heart strings. I would love to take this kitchen and plop it into my own home. Photo by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd   The pendant lights are … [Read more...]

Beautiful Blue and White Kitchen

One of the reasons that I'm a huge fan of older homes is because they generally tend to have more architectural details than their newer counterparts. When planning a new-home build, it can get costly quite quickly when adding some of these architectural upgrades. But boy, they sure are pretty - like this beautiful blue and white kitchen by Crown Point Cabinetry! Photo by Crown Point Cabinetry   The coffered ceiling is stunning and really … [Read more...]

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