Tour a Scandinavian Cottage Style Kitchen

Today I’ve got a cheery, Scandinavian cottage style kitchen to share with you! When I came across this beauty it felt so homey and casual. It’s not perfection – instead, it looks lived in and loved. It’s the type of kitchen where homemade meals taste their best because you know a lot of love went into them.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets in Scandinavian Style Kitchen


My mother and I would disagree on this kitchen. She’d want everything neat and tidy and wouldn’t like the open shelves or that iron rod for hanging pots, pans, coffee cups, dish towels and more. Nor would she like the bottles of oil lined up against the small stone tile backsplash. But me? I say “heck yes” to having my favorite cooking utensils, oils, and spices within arm’s reach. Who else hates digging through their cabinet to find that one spice you use once in a blue moon?

Scandinavian Cottage Style Kitchen in Pale Blue and White


Can we talk about the pale blue cabinetry and bead board? Paired with the white it almost feels like being in the clouds. Natural wood counter tops and kitchen island lend an earthy vibe – along with that short row of stone tile above the counter tops.

Scandinavian Cottage Style Kitchen in Pale Blue and White


The built-in cabinet is a great place to show off some white pottery, like an ironstone collection. And I would use those small drawers for spices. You could categorize them by placing fall spices like cinnamon and nutmeg in one drawer, Italian spices like dried parsley and oregano in another, most-used spices in yet another drawer, and rarely used spices in another. Okay, so now I’m thinking of reorganizing my kitchen!

Blue Kitchen Cabinets in Scandinavian Style Kitchen


And that kitchen island! I love it. Again, my mother wouldn’t like all that stuff to be seen on the shelf of the island, but I like that you can see what you need right away. The cafe curtains provide a bit of softness and filter the light for plants on the windowsill that don’t need direct light.

Quaint Scandinavian Style Cottage Kitchen


Here’s something else I need to copy from this Scandinavian cottage style kitchen – place dried goods in clear jars. And if I had beautiful copper cookware like this, I would definitely keep it on display via a pot rack.

Quaint Scandinavian Style Cottage Kitchen


The old time radio is charming, and the kitty on the bench is adorable. Note the rounded corner of the end cabinet underneath the cute espresso machine. The ceiling is the frosting on this tasty cake of a kitchen.

Flowers and Sleeping Cat in Scandinavian Kitchen


I realize a lot of you might be more like my mother who doesn’t like clutter, but when it comes to the kitchen, I like to have things handy. This Scandinavian cottage style kitchen just begs for someone to do some cooking and baking – in my humble opinion. What do you think of it?

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  1. I think it is adorable, and it does look like it is begging for someone to come cook in it. Thanks, Jennifer.

  2. Looks perfect to me but my little sister and my mom are like your mother. Minimalist before there was that label. Thanks for sharing a wonderful kitchen. I imagine that some of these ideas will be incorporated into your new kitchen. Can’t wait.

  3. I like the kitchen because it looks like a real family lives there not a staged magazine photos. Yes there is some clutter but rooms that are used have some and I am sure lots of good meals made with love come from this kitchen.

  4. This kitchen to me is perfect, I personally don’t think it looks cluttered, just ready for cooking to begin.

  5. I’m a pretty neatness-loving-type gal but what is there not to love about this kitchen?!!! It would bring joy to all who enter. Love it!

  6. This kitchen is war and inviting and definitely lived in. But I’m like your Mom no pots and pans hanging etc. I do love though my plants on the windowsill. Thank you for another great post.

  7. A lot of function to this kitchen. It looks as if someone just stopped and dropped cooking to go outside or heard a storm was coming on that cute radio. Then again you can almost feel the breeze coming in through those windows and the cafe curtains blowing the cool air about. I like it. I find it homey…especially the kitty asleep on her sweet bed on top of the bench.

  8. Love this kitchen, especially the cabinets. I am becoming weary of “cookie cutter” kitchens, this one is beautiful and creative.

  9. The colors are beautiful but it’s too much for me. If you really cook alot, stuff gets oily and that collects dust and I would rather not have so much out. It’s not that I am tidy, I see too much cleaning. A sewing room like this would be heavenly.