Changes for the Family Room

A little over a year ago, I found the wonderful world of blogging. I was amazed at how many fabulous home and decor blogs were out there. Two of my early faves were Mod Vintage Life and Aiken House and Gardens. From there I found others and was inspired to start my own blog. Blogging is a way for me to hold myself accountable with home projects. In order to create a blog post, you need something to blog about. Each week keeps me motivated around the house so that I’ll have something to photograph and write about. Although I’ve been thinking mostly about the kitchen, I’m turning a quick eye to the family room.

This room needs more seating and better use of its space. So some stuff is goin’ and some is stayin.’
I’m keeping the painted blanket trunk. It provides much-needed storage.

The loveseat just isn’t cuttin’ the mustard and needs to be replaced.
We simply need more seating in this room.

I recently changed the curtains from floor length ones to these simpler ones.
I got the idea from Home Is Where the Boat Is. I used landscape burlap which is softer than regular burlap.
I used branches for curtain rods, draped the burlap, and tied knots at the ends. Super easy and cheap!

To make room for more seating, I’m moving this cabinet to the living room.

You might remember this IKEA cabinet from previous posts. It’s my crafting cabinet.

Since our house is over 100 years old, there aren’t a lot of closets.

So free standing cabinets become a useful necessity.

This chair will stay … along with the little kitty.


The chair on the left is also on the hit list of things to go. It’s old and I keep it covered with a quilt.
I didn’t want to replace it until I figured out what to do with the loveseat.

I get questions about the floor every time I show pictures of this room.
The floors are painted a chocolate brown using porch and floor paint.
The script work you see is a bamboo rug with a rubber backing to keep it from slipping.
The bamboo rugs hold up great with pets. I have 3 of them in my home.
Hopefully I can reveal the changes sooner as opposed to later.

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  1. Jennifer, your blog just keeps getting better and better! Love this room!

  2. Very comfortable and cottagey. I like landscape burlap better, too.

  3. Jennifer!
    Looks amazing – love the blanket chest and I need a craft armoire! I have the armoire – just need to get all the junk out of it and organize it (hmmm, that could take years)!

  4. What a lovely room! I think what really draws me to this room inparticular are the soft colors; just enough tans/ browns and bit of blue with your whites; so very pretty. I want to make changes to my rooms soon–I’m inspired here!

  5. Love ist, especially the crafting cabinet!
    Greetings from Germany

  6. Great room, I can’t wait to see all the changes you make. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love your room the way it is, but can’t wait to see the changes:)

  8. What a beautiful room…full of comfy touches. I especially love the burlap window treatments 🙂 Laurel

  9. I really like the idea of covering your chair with an old quilt! I have some chairs that need vintage material for reupholstery, something I can’t swing just now, but I do have some old family quilts that are not quite good enough for a bed. I may be able to fashion something out of them. Thank you.

  10. Everything looks so inviting! I wish I could squeak out some time to update my home. Everything here continues to fall apart as I work on furniture for everyone else ~ lol!

  11. Love this room, it is so comfy and cozy. I love the blanket chest and the pillows on the couch.


  12. Glad the kitten is staying, but I need to know if the count of 3 pets includes it or does that make 4?


  13. Beautiful room Jennifer! LOVE this idea with the burlap too! I may do this in my den! It was so nice meeting you in person! Wish we had more time to chat! Thank you so much for stopping,shopping and supporting small businesses! Have a great weekend!

  14. I love your room!!!!

  15. I love this room! The clock is awesome, and the craft cabinet is just dreamy! So, you have some changes in mind? Hmm…
    I can’t wait to see! 🙂

  16. This is a wonderful room and I know you will make it even more so! You’re new kitty is so sweet ~ I have a feeling it would like to curl up in your comfy chair!

  17. I like the room as it is. So warm and cozy. Love the burlap window treatments!

  18. so charming and inviting!


  19. What a beautiful room, Jennifer! I can’t believe how large that room is being in an old farmhouse! What a lovely space!!! I love your IKEA craft cabinet. I desperately need something like that for my million baskets of “stuff”. lol! Looking forward to seeing how you transformation this beautiful room! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  20. Your home looks so beautiful Jennifer!!! I love your huge clock and your blue and white cabinet!!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  21. beautiful!

  22. WOW! What a beautiful room! I love your space and how homey you’ve made it. Gorgeous!

  23. i agree you need more seating..can’t wait to meet little albie

  24. It all looks so cozy and comfy. It’s a wonderful space to curl up and relax.

  25. Love, love your white room, it’s just beautiful and all of that beautiful storage in the armoire!!

  26. Pretty!

  27. I am going to redo our family room after the holidays and for once in my life I don’t know where to start! I love the way your room looks now, are you going to change your style completely? I want to take everything out of mine and start over but don’t have the money or energy! I’ll have to check back and see how yours comes long…

  28. I love your decor ( and always do each time that I visit ) but your little kitty is adorable. Quite surprised she wasn’t curled up on the quilt! 🙂 I have soft southern pine floors and the dining room floor is beat up in a section. I have debated what to do….I’d rather not get into having laminate flooring put down ….this idea of bamboo rugs working well with pets has me thinking…( Have cat plus 2 dogs )

  29. You’ve really made some wonderful changes in your living room! I need to get out the paint, myself, and get busy!

  30. Your room is so pretty, I’m in the process of weeding out and redoing too. Your craft cabinet is great! I look forward to seeing your updates.

  31. Your room looks so warm and inviting. Looking forward to seeing your changes.
    Mary Alice

  32. Your room looks so pretty–and then I saw that kitten and fell in love. How adorable!

  33. love it, jennifer! esp. the great window treatment and flooring! precious kitty:)

  34. Love your space! The burlap on the windows are so lovely!! And that kitten made my heart sink! So cute! xx Holly

  35. Wow what a beautiful Space. It is so light and airy. The window treatments are great.

    Creative Raisins

  36. I am so in love with those burlap curtains and the branch rods! This room is so beautiful, I know you have more plans for it, but I really love it just the way it is 🙂

  37. Seriously?!?! Cutest room EVER! I adore your work space and really just every single detail! Thank you SO much for sharing at Happy Hour! I am pinning your space on our Happy Hour Feature Pin Board!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  38. What a gorgeous,comfy space you have created, Jennifer! It is serene, and so welcoming! I know it gives you a lot of joy!! Thanks so much for sharing your loveliness at Blissful Whites Wednesday!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  39. I love your use of that natural organic feel in your space. Simple and yet elegant.

  40. Didn’t know this room could get any better! Just fabulous.

  41. Beautiful room, Jennifer. Love the curtains.

  42. Your room is fabulous! You are seriously talented!

    Can I move in?

    hugs x

  43. Love your beautiful room. I’m sharing on my Once Upon a Firefly FB page.

  44. Jennifer, this room is already gorgeous so I can’t wait to see the changes you are about to implement. I love your burlap curtains!!

  45. Jennifer,
    This is a fantastic space all bathed in that white light! You have a great look going here! Thanks for joining HSH!

  46. Pam Volkl says:

    Where did you find that awesome clock??????

  47. Absolutely LOVE your decorating style. It’s so clean, crisp and bright! Tell me about the slip overs on your chairs and sofas, please. Did you buy them, make them, what?They are so simple, yet elegant.

  48. Love the room.So, where do you buy the landscape burlap?

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