Comfy Chair and a Footstool

Do you have a favorite place in your home where you like to enjoy a cup of coffee, thumb through a good book or grab your laptop and feast on some blog eye candy? Here’s my little corner of the world where I reflect on the concerns of the day or chat with my hubby.
The chair is nestled under part of my mirror collection.
The footstool is a recent makeover.
This little footstool had a lacy top with gauze hanging from the sides.
It was pretty, but a little too frou-frou for my style. 
I painted the base in Old Ochre by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
The top was re-upholstered with a coffee bean sack.
My hubby was nice enough to do that part for me. I got frustrated with it.
The color and roughness of the fabric is similar to the pillow on the chair.
I didn’t distress the base. At first I didn’t think I wanted everything in the room distressed.
But now that I’m looking at it I’m having second thoughts.
What do you think? Distress it … or leave it?
I like this little corner of the room. The footstool makes the chair much more comfortable.
See how comfy it is? A perfect spot to start the day.
Do you see who showed up for the photo shoot?
This little kitten is a stray we found, abandoned by its mother.
He’s such a cutie and isn’t afraid of us. I think we’re going to keep him.

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  1. I LOVE your little cozy corner and that sweet little kitty is so cuddly…awww, makes mine look so big now, why can’t they stay all sweet and itty bitty?? 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  2. Looks like the perfect spot to me! What a sweet kitty! Oh yes our Tabitha is always trying to get in my shots LOL! I think your footstool looks perfect just as it is!

  3. Jennifer, I love your little corner! I wouldn’t distress the stool, though distressing sounds nice. Heck, you can always do it later if you want! :-)Kitty is so cute!:-)

  4. Your corner does look cozy. Love the mirrors and having all your favorite things close by. Your kitten is precious! We found ours two years ago and we are so glad we kept her. 🙂

  5. You look maahhhveelllousss and that kitty is too darn cute! And the whole sitting area makes me want to curl up with a warm beverage and hear the purrr of a critter on my lap.


  6. I could be very comfortable in your corner. LOVE your re-made footstool. The burlap is such a great cover for it. I also love your stack of pretty hat boxes, and that kitty is adorable, and obviously doesn’t mind having his photo taken. I think you do need to keep him. laurie

  7. I love that you’re keeping this sweet interloper! thank you for sharing your heart and home with a creature that needed this desperately. What a perfect holiday gift to yourselves!

  8. It’s always a good thing to have a tabby at home! I love your chair and footstool. I always go through that same dillema–do I distress it or not? I often err on the side of not distressing, but then I get to looking at it and think I should go for it. Some pieces, though, I like them quite distressed looking–I guess it just depends on me and how I’m feeling that day! That’s probably not very helpful to you, however 🙂 I think it’s pretty as is, but it would look nice a little distressed as well. Have a lovely new week!

  9. That kitty is so beautiful and so is your home. jumped over from Nita’s blog. So glad you decided to keep the little guy. dawn suitcase vignettes