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Charming Home Tour ~ Victorian School House

Would you ever live in a church, school, or maybe a barn?  I have to give a lot of credit to architects and homeowners that can see beyond the four walls of a building and envision something spectacular. Today’s charming home tour is an amazing, renovated Victorian school that I found on Houzz (photos by Chris Snook).

Farmhouse Living Room 

An exposed brick wall, large wood beams, and custom interior doors add stunning architectural details to this cozy home decorated in farmhouse style. An old steamer trunk serves as a coffee table in the living room.


Farmhouse Entry

Victorian homes often had stained glass windows, and why should a renovated Victorian school house be any different? This door leads into the entry of the home.


Farmhouse Staircase

The home’s staircase was lovingly restored with rich wood and turned spindles. A tiny door provides hidden storage under the stairs.


Farmhouse Laundry Room

Laundry room cabinets painted an energetic blue create a lively atmosphere, along with tiny plants suspended from a curtain rod hanging mid-window.


Farmhouse Dining Room

A rustic dining table fills the expansive dining space in the Victorian school house. You can easily imagine this room filled with desks and the lively conversation of children.


London Photographer Chris Snook

A rich leather chair is the perfect accompaniment to the exposed brick wall and stone fireplace mantel.


Farmhouse Kitchen by London Photographers Chris Snook

The same vivid blue from the laundry room hugs the cabinets in the industrial style kitchen.  The wall of windows looks into the dining space.


Farmhouse Dining Room by London Photographers Chris Snook

Painted Scandinavian style chairs flank the farmhouse kitchen table.


London Photographers Chris Snook

A truly unique feature of the Victorian school house’s kitchen is the oversized, glass sliding doors that open up to an expansive patio that’s been optimized for entertaining.


Outdoor Spaces

A fire pit, ample seating, and large grill make for ideal warm weather parties.


Farmhouse Bedroom by London Photographers Chris Snook

An under-the eaves bedroom in soft colors creates a soothing, cozy place to sleep.


Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse style sinks pair up under Victorian style mirrors.  Glass shelves under the sinks provide extra storage space for towels or other items.


Farmhouse Bathroom

A large walk-in shower adds a little bit of luxury to the renovated school house.


Farmhouse Spaces by London Photographers Chris Snook

Many of the Victorian school’s architectural details were left intact, creating a warm, inviting, and unique home.


Exterior by London Photographers Chris Snook

Now that you’ve taken the tour of this renovated Victorian school house, what’s the verdict? Would you like to live in a unique dwelling space like a school or a church?


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  1. I have always wanted to move into a renovated commercial space. Did you ever watch the show on HGTV that was all about people who did that? I loved that show. I think they had different versions of it.

  2. If I had my way my first home would have been a nearby old Train Station that needed to be moved- I looked at that place about 4 times but it never worked out. Over the years I looked at other larger buildings too – a 3 story school house, old 2 story bank bldg and a 3 story Court House complete with 3 jail cells in the bsmt – how fun would take have been?! I determined the idea was much more fun than the big utility bill I would have to pay every month to heat these 80-90 yrs old big old drafty gems on the cold Cdn Prairies! Over the years I spent a lot of enjoyable hours dreaming up how I would convert these to a home – none ever transpired so in the meantime I love seeing when someone else takes on converting old buildings into homes – thanks for this post!