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Who Wants to Win a Copy of the New Creative Style Book?

Today is a special day here at Town and Country Living. I’m so honored to be able to give away a copy of Creative Style liveable loveable spaces by Lizzie McGraw. It includes the words of Fifi O’Neill and photos by Mark Lohman – always a winning combination! To enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment at the end of this post.

Creative Style book by Fifi O'Neill


I was excited when Fifi approached me about offering a free copy of this gorgeous coffee table book. There are several homes featured throughout the pages, and I’m happy I get to share one of those houses – the home of Lizzie McGraw herself! Lizzie is an interior designer and owns Tumbleweed and Dandelion located in Venice Beach, California. Be sure to check out her online store. She has beautiful home décor items for sale.

You’ve probably seen Lizzie’s porch on Pinterest hundreds of times. With its blue floor and red screen door, it sets the charming stage for the wicker bench and plants.

Cottage style porch at the home of Lizzy McGraw


Step inside and enjoy the appeal of lovingly worn pieces mixed with newer elements. You’ll see all these photos in the pages of the book.

Shabby chic entryway in old home


Soft textiles pair with vintage finds to create lived-in look that offers casual comfort.

Decorating details found in the Creative Style book


Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye in this comfortable room is the Welcome Firemen sign. And just below it is a very unique coffee table that picks up on the shade of red lettering. Bamboo shades add a bit more texture to this white room with its beautifully slipcovered sofa.

Shabby chic living room with vintage finds


More texture abounds in another white living room with its natural wood ceiling, sisal rug, and basket pendant light. I’ve always loved hats displayed on a wall like you see here.

Vintage living room in neutral tones


The opposite side of the room boasts a beautiful wooden armoire – and look at the diamond shapes on the French doors. So unique and pretty.

Vintage living room in neutral tones


Vintage finds personalize the gorgeous kitchen. Woven baskets are corralled in a large wire basket suspended from the ceiling. An oversized basket crowns the beautiful wooden hutch while white subway tiles provide the perfect accent to natural wood cabinets. So much to love in this space.

Vintage kitchen as seen in the book, Creative Style - liveable loveable spaces


Here’s another photo you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest. You’ll get to enjoy it (and more) in the pages of Creative Style. I’m loving that Cherries sign and the herbs growing from baskets hanging along the wall. I need to figure out how to do this in my own kitchen.

Vintage kitchen as seen in the book, Creative Style - liveable loveable spaces


A friend of mine had garden furniture for the table and chairs in her dining room and it looked so fresh and airy – just like this dining space in Lizzie McGraw’s home.

Shabby chic style dining room with garden furniture


Okay – I’m obsessed with this basket pendant light. I’ve been searching for one for my dining room and this would be perfect. Subtle touches of blue give this bedroom a bit of a coastal vibe. I’ve always wanted white painted floors like you see throughout this home, but I fear I couldn’t keep them as clean as I’d like.

vintage style bedroom with basket pendant light


This beautiful bedroom proves you can make the most of a small room. The worn, blue doors create a headboard that’s layered with a portrait painting. The red rug provides a pretty shot of contrasting color. Don’t be afraid to go bold in small spaces.

vintage style bedroom


Let’s head outside to see all the interesting outdoor living spaces, which are just as creative as the interior rooms.

outdoor patio


outdoor deck


It’s always a great idea to create intimate gathering spaces outside. Think of ways you can create zones in your yard and you’ll find you’ve created an entire outdoor journey through your landscape.

outdoor patio


If you want to enter to win a copy of Creative Style: Liveable Loveable Spaces that features more inspiring homes like this one, simply leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen and announced on January 21st. I’d like to give a special thanks to Lizzie McGraw and Fifi O’Neill for providing this opportunity. Be sure to follow Fifi on Instagram for continued inspiration throughout the year.

And don’t forget to check out Lizzie McGraw’s store and blog at Tumbleweed and Dandelion!

Finally, if you can’t wait to see if you win, you can always purchase the book on Amazon.


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  1. Wow. What inspiration! Always looking for ways to bring beauty inside my home. Lizzie does this seamlessly. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. Who wouldn’t want to have a book that provides so much inspiration! I live in an apartment (small spaces) and was very encouraged by Lizzie’s home…I can create a peaceful, beautiful space where I live. Thank you for sharing her book and all the resources!

  3. I love this house, with the old chippy items throughout. The chunky throws and textured pillows give it a very cosy look The baskets, hats and basket pendent lights add another layer of texture to the space. Love it!

  4. I love seeing homes reflecting this homey and cozy style. I’m in the middle of renovating my new home and this gives me so many ideas. Thank you, Jennifer.

  5. Beautiful! Combination of styles old and new! Love the rustic murals. Going to check out the other sites listed above. Thank you for all the beautiful homes & places you take us to visit❤️😊

  6. Such a gorgeous home and lovely giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to possibly win a copy of Creative Style. 🙂

  7. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that pretty cozy porch. I’d love to win her book. Thank you for giving it to one very lucky winner.

  8. Oh my! Love , love, love everything about this home. Lizzy and Fifi are two of my favorites and I would be tickled to own a copy of this book. Looks like the kind of book you could pick up over and over again and just sigh as you flipped through the pages.

  9. I love all the outdoor rooms, and the way she has used older things to decorate with. Especially love the door head board on the bed.

  10. I adore Fifi and Lizzie. Follow them for years . I lost all my beloved romantic Country magazines in the Carr Fire in 2018. And I love Lizzie’s chicken coop. Loved to win the book

  11. Hoorah for a life style decor that doesn’t have to be all matchy- matchy- but truly reflective of the owner’s joie de vivre- fresh, whimsical and utterly delightful. Thank you for sharing – it inspired my Saturday morning!

  12. Oh! I would sooo love to visit this home!! I love everything about it. Definitely gonna follow. Thanks for sharing.


  14. So beautiful and inspiring. This style looks so effortless- I wish it were so! It’s like the beachy-vibe hair style- looks easy and gorgeous but you can’t just roll out of bed looking that good. 😆

  15. So beautiful! We are in the process of restoring a farmhouse that we bought 6 months ago and this home is so inspirational! Thanks for sharing such great homes every day!

  16. Beautiful! I’ve always enjoyed seeing her home and now a BOOK?! I’m soooo excited! Congratulations!

  17. Love, love the cottage style! Such an inviting front porch and the furniture in the cottage is to die for! It’s minimalist and still warm and cozy. I need lessons for creating storage is a small space.

  18. I always love a “collected” look in a home, and outside. Would love to recreate her use of the French doors, as a decorative screen, on her deck. And thank you, for the chance to win her book.

  19. Refreshing! My heart is so upbeat after seeing such a warm, honestly creative home. I need more friends in my life and this home reads come in and sit so we can chat about “whatever”. I’m in awe:0)

  20. I had the pleasure of meeting Fifi O’Neill several years ago. I was so excited to meet her! I love her style. Lizzie’s home is really beautiful. I would love to win a copy of her book to see her pictures in person.
    Thank you for the chance to own a copy.

  21. We once had lawn furniture in our living room for months while we {ahem} had “discussions” on replacements for the sectional that my sister had bought on the condition she could have it immediately….hence the not being ready to buy new furniture. Let’s just say that it was not as inspirational at the dining space above.

  22. Just seeing these luscious spaces has awakened my desire to get going with a few projects that I’ve put on hold for awhile. I love the mix of textures and the comfortable vibes in each area, whether inside or out.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  23. Oh wow! I have to say of all the houses I have seen, this is one of my top ones! I love it all, from the living room to that lovely kitchen! I would love to see it all! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Absolutely love Lizzie’s eye for design! I wish I could live in the pages of her book that you’ve shared! 💜

  25. I love your style! So relaxed and so fresh. I’m looking for ideas of how to incorporate well loved items in my home for everyday use and aesthetic appeal and possibly purchasing a few new updated decorative items.

  26. I love her living room, kitchen, and all her patio’s, also the armoire in the dining room!!!!! Would love to have a copy of her book! I am following FIfi on instagram!!

  27. I absolutely LOVE everything! Each room is full of wonderful designs and charm, and are full of love and warmth!

  28. I’d love to win. This home is so incredibly inspirational. I’d love a copy to draw from and create beautiful spaces in my home. This would be s step by step manual to inspire my “canvas”.
    Thankyou for the opportunity

  29. Absolutely love the way Lizzie incorporates red and blue into her mostly white interiors and outdoor spaces. Thank you for sharing these photos and the opportunity to win her book!

  30. Love love Lizzie’s home and her design style. Wish I was more daring in my style of decorating and would love a copy of her book to get more ideas from her. Thanks.

  31. Wow! Such inspiration for blended decor that is timeless and comfortable. Would love to get her book and use it for my ever-changing decor ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Her white kitchen looks so informal and not as sterile as many of today’s new builds. But in another breath, the kitchen featuring the light finish furnishings that are heafty just touch my heart. Both so different but ones I could certainly live with. I’d love to have this book to look and dream all the way through.

  33. I love all the beautiful photos that inspire all of the possibilities for me to create so many different ways of comfy and cozy, peaceful and pretty rooms inside and the outside of my new home.

  34. I loved all the pics…maybe because I have always loved and have many baskets. I do a lot of crocheting and have LOTS of yarn in baskets. I also saw in the 4th pic posted she had a cream crocheted throw (at least it looked like one to me) draped over arm of sofa. I have had one (which I made) on my sofa for ages…..Love the look with cream pillows. I would love to win this book as I’m always trying to freshen up my home especially after taking down Christmas decorations…….

  35. Thank you so much for this opprotunity to win this book. I love Lizzie’s style so cute fun and gave me ideas.

  36. Simply gorgeous! Inspiring and beautiful. I’m moving from a 3300 square foot home into a 1300 square foot home. I’m in panic mode, but these photos are inspiring and give me hope!

  37. This inspires me to stop dreaming, and get to work. Love everything that is possible, if one puts their mind to it. xo

  38. I love Lizzie’s little house! It looks so well loved and cozy. I especially like the outdoor space and the kitchen.

  39. Such an inspiring book with so many fabulous ideas. I feel reinvigorated to continue with new year changing the look of our house. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Winning a copy of the book would be icing on the cake! 😊

  40. I love all the baskets and the vintage furniture. Each piece is more quaint and special than the next. Thank you both for all your books as I have many of them.
    Let’s all make this a special year to use all these ideas to tweak our homes a little.
    Thank you both. Lots of love
    Mary Ann French

  41. Love the vintage style. It’s unique! So gorgeous, beautiful and warm. Love your kitchen! Snug! What a beautiful home to come back to. Thanks for sharing your home!

  42. Stunning, I want to make my home in all this comfort and style,, thank you for this book 🦋🌈🌹🥰

  43. Love her cozy warm style. So my taste!! I will be looking up her blog as I don’t do Pinterest and had never heard of her.

  44. What a wonderful treat your post was today. Thank you for sharing this lovely home with us! I love an opportunity to receive this beautiful book you are giving away.

  45. I would be very happy to win my own copy of Creative Style: Liveable Loveable Spaces. I have seen & cut out pictures of Lizzie’s home from magazines & loved Fifi’s romantic touch in her home I’ve seen online. Thank you for this chance.

  46. I Love Lizzie’s vintage collected look in her home! I’ll have to visit her blog to see more! Thanks for the opportunity to win her book!

  47. So quaint and lovely 😊. Such a beautiful and inviting home. I want to curl up on that front porch swing.

  48. Love love the tour of the home. It is inspiring…..makes me want to give more attention and changes to my own home using lovely things that are simple but speak to who we are.

  49. Such a warm and welcoming home, inside and out. Full of unusual and beautiful treasures combined together to make you want to sit down, relax and have a cuppa x

  50. I love the use of unpainted pine in the cielings and furniture, and the reflection of colour in the blinds.
    The juxtoposition of the shabby dresser and elegant lamp is playful…..and brings attention and highlights both.
    Using old doors behind the bed and in the garden room is a fun use of the repuposed……..
    This home was a joy to see……thank you for sharing.

  51. Absolutely inspiring! This would be a perfect way to spend an afternoon, reading about all the beautiful homes!

  52. I love the look of a “come snuggle me home” such as this one. Not over done or pretentious. The book will be a comfort to the eye and mind for years to come .

  53. Oh wow! Now they’re talking my style with those wonderful outdoor rooms. This book is a must have!

  54. Wow, what a beautiful home, thanks for sharing! I also love the white floors, but I had one in a kitchen once, and it did indeed show every speck of dirt. Still…

  55. Fabulous! I have so many favorite “things”, some beloved vintage, and not displaying it in the right way. This has been a total inspiration! Thank you for bringing out the artist in all of us!

  56. I love Lizzie’s porch. All the rooms are beautiful and I would love to have this book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  57. Great inspiration for smaller rooms! After our little home was flooded by hurricane Ian, the pictures you posted have given me great ideas to put it back together again!! Thank you!

  58. I dearly miss California and that wonderful California cottage style, with a little French and international influence thrown in! Born and raised there, and having lived all over the state, I can tell you that there IS a specific style to California, which is driven, I think, by the beautiful quality of light that you get. At any rate, the book appears to be right up my alley and I will keep my fingers crossed that I may win one!

  59. Stunning!! I have a paper copy of that porch from a magazine cover years ago! It has been my inspiration for MANY years. So great to see it again.

  60. I love every inch of her home. Makes my heart sing to see all the chippy goodness. I am a neutral and whites chippy girl and this book is going to be fabulous. Thank you for a chance to win.

  61. I absolutely love your CHERRIES sign in your kitchen. Saw something similar years ago and have been on a quest to find a similar one..to no avail. If you ever want to part with her…let me know!!!! You have a gorgeous house and should be very proud of it.

  62. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. I love the combination of rustic, comfort and elegance. Those are hard things to pull off together and these images show just how beautiful a room or environment can be when it is done well.

  63. Lizzle your rooms are so creative. I would love to win a copy of your book’ “Creative Style:Liveable Loveable Spaces”.

  64. Would be so thrilled to receive this your book. The pictures have me checking out every corner of every room. I’m on the search for about 20 items you photographed!! Thank you!!!