Charming Older Homes in Riverside, Illinois

Last weekend was my grandson’s first birthday! My daughter decided on a lumberjack party theme and rented a little log cabin in Riverside, Illinois. It was such a cute party and I took lots of pictures which I’ll share in a future post. After the party, hubby and I toured the tree-lined streets and of course I had to snap photos of the charming older homes.

I love me a red house, and a gorgeous Victorian charmer is right up my alley! So much detail to love on this house!

Red Victorian in a Group of Charming Older Homes. Riverside, IL.


I had to take more than one photo of it. Check out all that custom trim work! I want the owners to adopt me. Sigh.

Red Victorian in a Group of Charming Older Homes. Riverside, IL.


I love a buttery yellow house, too. After all, my own house is yellow. This pretty Victorian house happens to be for sale if you want to take a tour of the inside. It’s located on a quiet street across from a wooded park. Perfect location!

Historic Yellow Victorian Home


Here are a few more Victorian charming older homes in the same neighborhood …

Charming Older Homes on Tree-Lined Streets. What's Not to Love?


When I look at Victorian houses, I can’t help but feel each one is a unique piece of artwork.

Charming Older Homes on Tree-Lined Streets. What's Not to Love?


Collection of Victorian and Tudor Style Homes in Riverside, IL.


Some of the homes in Riverside are quite expansive, but there are smaller, charming older homes too.

Collection of Victorian and Tudor Style Homes in Riverside, IL.


Another stately yellow Victorian home graces the same neighborhood. Aren’t the mums beautiful?  I was happy the owners planted them so close to the sidewalk so that passers-by could enjoy them up close.

Collection of Victorian and Tudor Style Charming Older Homes in Riverside, IL.


And of course, you’ll almost always find at least one pink house in a Victorian neighborhood!

Pink Victorian House


I imagine someone’s home office is on that third floor. Or maybe it’s a teen hangout, or even a cozy reading nook.

Historic Home in Riverside, IL


I love homes with clapboard siding. The only downside is having to paint them. I adore the corner entry on this home.

Victorian Clapboard House


The streets of Riverside also feature other types of architecture, like this beautiful Tudor-style house.

Tudor-Style Home


The residential streets of Riverside are dotted with over 300 charming, antique gas-style street lamps. Towering trees provide plenty of shade in summer. Although I hate to see the trees shedding their leaves, it makes it easier to snap photos of the houses.

Tudor-Style Home in Historic Riverside


Hubby loved the brick homes in the area. It reminded him of Pittsburgh where he grew up. I had to agree with him. It felt like we were in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh, which is near the university.

Brick Tudor Home in Illinois


I fell in love with the simplicity of this brick charmer.

Red Brick Charming Home


This stunning white house stopped us dead in our tracks, from the solarium to the expansive front porch. Did you notice the pair of horse statues in the front yard?

Classic White House in a Roundup of Charming Older Homes


Around the corner was another beautiful, white home.

Classic White House in a Roundup of Charming Older Homes


The town of Riverside is about 11 miles west of Chicago. Its known for its quaint, oak-hickory tree-lined streets and landscape architecture. The town really took off shortly after the Chicago fire, with people moving out of the city and into the suburbs.

Charming Older Homes in Riverside, IL


To prove that not all the charming older homes are ginormous, I took a few pics of smaller houses. Cute, right?

Charming Bungalow in Illinois


Charming Older Homes in Riverside


To top off the highly enjoyable afternoon in Riverside, Illinois, we were blessed with the ringing of the bell chimes of the neighborhood church.

Riverside Church

We plan to re-visit Riverside and take more pictures of the eye candy lining the streets. I think sometime in December when the Christmas decorations are out. With a dusting of snow, I think it’ll be gorgeous.

Enjoy a virtual walking tour of Riverside, Illinois

Do you have historic neighborhoods where you live? I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. yes, in Salem Ohio there are some beautiful old homes, some are kind of tired, but the architecture is amazing!

  2. Just gorgeous!

  3. Love those beautiful old homes. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Loved the tour!
    We live in an 1800s Victorian village graced with Victorian homes! Large mansions line Main Street along with cute little shops to explore! Our home is smaller so we call her our Victorian doll house!
    When in Michigan do visit
    Romeo Michigan!

  5. Loved the houses they do not make them like that anymore,cannot wait to see your other photos.

  6. Sarah Clark says:

    Lumbering was big business in Ludington, Michigan located on Lake Michigan. In fact, they shipped lumber to help rebuild Chicago after the great fire. We have lovely large Victorians. Some are in need others have been restored. As in Riverside, there are charming homes on the smaller scale too. We love living in our smaller farmhouse style home which is a work in progress. As a “home watcher”, I do enjoy your photo tours.

  7. I always love your blog…..and your home tours are the icing on the cake !!!!! I love driving around looking at gorgeous homes !!!! By the way, I am from the suburb of Lyons, Illinois !

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