The History and Charm of a Red Front Door

A red front door is often found on traditional homes but they’re pretty on a variety of architectural style houses. Here are 11 examples that show how to make your front door stand out.

Traditional Red Front DoorPhoto by Gatling Design


I’m totally smitten with this rustic front door that reminds me of a home you’d see in the Rocky Mountains area of the U.S.

Rustic Red Front DoorPhoto by SWABACK pllc


But if rustic isn’t your thing, a high-gloss red front door might provide the glam and drama you desire.

Classic White House with a Red Front Door and SidelightPhoto by Michelle Marsden Design


Red comes in a variety of hues, such as this front door that carries a blue undertone. It’s perfect with the dark gray siding.

Dark Gray House with Red DoorPhoto by Solares Architecture


In early America, a red door meant the home welcomed weary travelers. They could find respite from their travels with a comforting bed and a good meal.

In feng shui decorating, a red door signifies the mouth of the home and welcomes energy.

Red Colonial Style Home with Matching Front DoorPhoto by


A red front door is easily seen and makes it clear which door is the front door.

Sweet Cottage House with Red Front DoorPhoto by PEEK Architecture + Design Ltd


You can emphasize a red front door (or any color door, for that matter) with a porch chair that wears the same hue.

Red Door on Modern Farmhouse ExteriorPhoto by CCB Designs

Don’t be afraid to pair a red front door with red brick. The effect can be quite charming.

Gray and Red Brick House with Painted Red DoorPhoto by DHD Architecture and Interior Design


A cheery yellow cottage gets an application of red on all three doors! It’s a great color for accentuating your home’s details.

Yellow Two-Story House with Three Red Exterior DoorsPhoto by Southfen Restoration Home Builder


Jazz up a monochromatic exterior color scheme by painting your front door a fun shade of red.

Gray Traditional Two-Story Home with Red DoorPhoto by 2Scale Architects


You’ll find an array of red colors to choose from; I rather like this red front door with blue undertones.

Traditional Entryway with Red DoorPhoto by Farrow & Ball

Have you ever painted your front door a fun shade to accentuate it?  What color did you use?


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  1. Melanie Foster says:

    Wow, I never knew there was a “history” of the red front door. I live in a gray ranch style house that is trimmed in white and has a red front door. It is has been this way for 35 years. It is due to be painted next year and I am keeping those same classic colors as well as my red front door. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My little ranch home has gray siding with white trim and black accents. I have had a new can of red paint waiting on me to update my front door for a year now. There always seems to be a reason to wait – it’s too hot to paint it; it’s too cold to paint it; the sun is shining directly onto the door; its too windy; I can’t leave it open and unlocked while it dries right now, etc, etc. It will be painted red one of these days, I promise.
    Loved nearly all of the pics of houses with red doors. Never quite understood the choice of a red door with red brick – but our different choices are what makes it interesting.

  3. Laura Harrie says:

    I have always loved red doors! I think they are charming!

  4. I thought all these red doors looked good. So fun to see all the different shades of color and style of doors and homes. Seems to work on all types. And then maybe to plant some red flowers around in the summer. It would be a house that would really stand out on the block!

  5. Marlene Stephenson says:

    These are a beautiful mix of red, thanks for the ideas, at least you gave me something to think about besides cooking for Christmas. I needed the distraction,lol!

  6. When we lived in a grey Cape Cod style home, we had a red door for many years. I only changed it because I wanted to change up my flowers and use a purple pink combo. My front door is currently cranberry. So, still in the reddish family😉

  7. I’ve had my red door for about 8 years now. I’m alway complimented on how beautiful it looks and I’m the only one on my block with a red door. I don’t think I’ll ever change it.

  8. I love red doors, I’d love to have one some day!

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