Cottages and Bungalows of Geneva: A Walking Tour

Spring is one of my favorite times to take walks around quaint residential streets to enjoy the tulips and flowering trees. I’ve shown some of the larger historic homes of Geneva, Illinois on my blog in the past. But today I want to show you some of the more affordable cottages and bungalows on the northeast side of town.

Dark Gray Tudor Home in Geneva, Illinois

Last week I shared gorgeous homes on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, and I’ve got more to come. But today we’re back to my stomping grounds and my favorite town for shopping.

Let’s start today’s walking tour with the dark gray tudor-style cottage above. This house recently went on the market so you can see the inside here on Redfin. The kitchen and bathrooms have been renovated and updated and the house has a nice flow to it.

Right next door is one of many cottages and bungalows on the east side. This one has a welcoming, red front door. Even the mailbox matches the door with its peaked shape. Bunches of tulips pop up here and there in the landscape.

Light Gray Tudor Home with Red Front Door


Right across the street is another stylish Tudor in dark green with an arched, maroon front door.

Cottages and Bungalows - Green Tudor Style Cottage


Here’s a light green cottage a little further down the street.

Light Green Bungalow with Chimney


You’ll find larger Tudor homes in town, too. Check out the detail on the chimney though.

Brown Shingled Tudor Home in Geneva, Illinois


If you’re wondering what the purple flowering trees are that you see in several of these photos, they’re redbuds. I wish I had one in my yard – I’ve always loved them.

Little Gray Cottage in the Spring


This blue bungalow might be my favorite house on the northeast side of Geneva, which is the town where I grew up, by the way. I lived on the northwest side of town which has homes built in the fifties and sixties. I think this bungalow might be a Sears Kit home. There are several of them in town.

Beautiful Blue Bungalow with Large Porch


This little cottage makes me smile with its cheery tulips and flowering trees. It has some fun details like the fish scale trim at the peak and the curvy porch dormer.

Dutch Style Cottage with Spring Tulips


I love that the homeowners painted the front door of their white bungalow in a pretty green color.

Small White Stucco Bungalow


Next door to the white house is a red brick bungalow that was highly popular when the near suburbs of Chicago were being built. The black painted shutters and trim really set off the facade and improve the humble home’s curb appeal.

Chicago Style Red Brick Bungalow


I hope you enjoyed this tour of cottages and bungalows in my old home town of Geneva. I lived there for almost 30 years before moving a little further west. Which house was your favorite?


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  1. So cute. Always enjoy these tours. They make me homesick for the area. It would really be fun and interesting, if any of these come up for sale, to see photos of the interiors.

  2. I loved the third one with all the peaks and arched front door. Love tours like this, thanks and hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day with your family.

  3. Oh so nice. Thanks. I like them all and I especially love tudors, but to my surprise, the humble little brick house (last photo) called out to me.

  4. I loved the first one. It was interesting to tour the inside and grounds. We don’t have a lot of tudors in my area. They’re charming.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day!

    New Hampshire

  5. I really like your site, and the cottages are adorable, but the advertisements are getting progressively annoying.

  6. So many cute ones! It’s hard to decide but I think I love the all wood Tudor style one best, closely followed by the two storybook ones at the beginning.

    1. I think the house with the curvy dormer is my favorite. It is adorable and fresh. I leve these posts for inspiration.

  7. I loved all of the homes. Each one looks so warm and inviting. I’m sure they are all so proud of their homes.

  8. I love each and everyone of these homes, I can’t decide which is my favorite. Cottages and bungalows are my favorite style of houses. Thank you so much for sharing.