Checkerboard Floors and a Favorite Yellow Kitchen: Friday Finds

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend! I’m so looking forward to having an extra day off. This past week I helped my daughter with her three boys and new baby daughter. I always try to have a project or two to keep the boys entertained and was surprised to find they enjoyed our origami crafts best. I think they should have a Christmas tree decorated solely in origami pieces. I know they’d love it. But Christmas is a ways off yet, so let’s focus instead on today’s treasures.

checkerboard floor in entrywayPhoto by Randall Architects

Have you ever seen Country Living magazine’s favorite kitchen of all time? Well, here it is! I have to agree that it’s quite charming and is a kitchen I’d be happy to call my own. Many of you will love its use of yellow!

Since we’re talking color, how about dusty pink? This London flat features a pretty pink living room, and now I’ve decided to use pink paint on the upper wall (above the board and batten) in my living room. I recently purchased a new rug for the space and it has the slightest bit of pink in it. I’m still looking at various shades before making a decision.

I came across a new-to-me designer that I really like – Maddie Hughes Designs. You can follow her on Instagram or Pinterest to see her beautiful interior decorating projects.

You might know that I’ve always had a thing for checkerboard floors, although I’ve never had one in any of my homes. If you like them too, you’ll enjoy this collection of checkerboard floors.

Lately I’ve been craving color and pattern, so I immediately fell in love when I saw this post about Welsh blankets. Then I headed over to Etsy to find some to buy. Now is a great time to stock up on these blankets for fall!

I’ll end today’s Friday Finds with this gorgeous lakefront home in Georgia. I love the living room’s view of the lake and mountains. So dreamy!

Do you have any special plans for Labor Day weekend? I hope to paint the living room and enjoy some time outdoors!

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  1. I love the yellow kitchen and what I found interesting was even the trim was the same color. It made for a cheerful kitchen and love the flooring. As for checkerboard floors, I have black and cream in my kitchen and I love it. I have had it for years and would not consider changing it, a win win. Thank you for this post I’m sure I’ll look at it multiple times. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Grandkids are the best and seems you had a great time with yours. That kitchen was so pretty loved all the different cabinets. I could live in a kitchen like that and maybe cook some. Thanks and have a great restful and fun Labor Day weekend.

  3. I had never heard of Welsh blankets. So interesting. And the black and white checkerboard floors. Love. Especially the real tile version in that wonderful butler’s pantry.