Christmas Inspiration from My Blogging Friends

Over the past few years I’ve noticed I’ve been turning less and less to decorating magazines and more and more toward my fellow bloggers for decorating ideas.  My blogging friends are truly amazing and they inspire me every day! So I thought it would be fun to share a bit of Christmas inspiration from my blogging friends with you. Hopefully you will find a new blog to follow while you enjoy these examples …

Farmhouse Christmas KitchenMy friend Shannon at AKA Design shares her Canadian holiday home tour.

Can you believe her home is already decorated for Christmas? It’s stunning!


Snowflake Embroidery Hoop OrnamentsShannon also shares how to make these adorable snowflake embroidery hoop ornaments.

This would be a good project to work on while watching a movie or listening to Christmas carols.


Holiday Throw Pillows from SweatersOver at Thoughts from Alice, my friend Alice created these glam holiday pillows from sweaters.

Yes, sweaters!! I’ve had the toughest time looking for pillows … I should just do what Alice does and make my own.


DIY Printable Christmas VillageAlice recently created this fabulous Christmas village for her mantel.

She drew the village herself. She’s so inspiring and talented.

You can download the drawings on her blog to create a village of your own!


Classic Christmas MantelJennifer at The Chronicles of Home has a gorgeous Christmas home tour!

She has a great eye for design and I love her classic Christmas decor.


City Farmhouse Christmas Home TourAnother amazing Christmas home tour from another Jennifer … she blogs at City Farmhouse.

I love how Jennifer pairs neutral decor with natural elements. Her home is so inspiring!


DIY Gilded Woodland AnimalsJennifer also created these pretty DIY gilded woodland animals.

Such a simple project that creates a pretty Christmas vignette!


Peppermint Bark Peppermint Bark is perfect for Christmas munching.

Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies shares her recipe for this tasty holiday treat.


Vintage Christmas MantelDanielle also has a beautiful home, with its amazing rich woodwork.

Her vintage mantel is decorated simply for the holidays.


DIY Christmas CrocksJamie at So Much Better with Age shares Christmas inspiration in the form of DIY farmhouse crocks.

You won’t believe how easily she created these crocks from a thrift store find.


Easy Shortbread RecipeAren’t these shortbread cookies so so cute?

I love how Jamie tied them up with red and white baker’s twine.


Christmas Advent CalendarHow about this pretty Christmas advent calendar by Bre at Rooms for Rent?

Didn’t I tell you my blogging friends are uber talented?

I think it’s easy to see why I read magazines less and turn to my blogging buddies for inspiration.


Ho Ho Ho DIY Christmas BannerHere’s a quick and easy Christmas banner from me that you can make.


Christmas Decorating Ideas… and a few more inspirational holiday decorating ideas.

I hope you enjoyed all these fabulous Christmas inspiration ideas.

Christmas is just a month away! Can you believe it?


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  1. Jennifer, thank you so much for including my mantel and peppermint bark. That peppermint bark is so good and yummy! I agree, I get so much inspiration by my friends and bloggers. x

    • Thanks for letting me feature you, Danielle! You have so many inspirational and beautiful ideas to share … it was hard to choose! 🙂

  2. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🙂 Thanks for the roundup!


  3. Beautiful inspiration Jennifer. Love your Ho Ho Ho banner. I cannot wait to see your decor this year. I know it will be so beautiful. Have a great week as we head towards Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

  4. How I needed this this morning, thank you so much!

  5. ty for all the wonderful pix but i have a problem… i want us to enjoy thanxgiving before the onslaught of xmas… it bothers me that xmas stuff is out even before halloween… to me, it creates more pressure in our lives that is not needed, and takes away from the joy that each celebrations brings… i miss the excitement that after thanxgiving, comes xmas and all the glitter… i remember the day after thanxgiving, the xmas explosion just happened… not having stores open on thanxgiving so people can shop… it’s destroying the very essence of thanxgiving… family, love, a wonderful meal, and football… we’ve lost the true meaning of each holiday to commercialism… hoping you have a wonderful thanxgiving… hugs2u

    • Hi Jeri,
      I feel I need to reply to this as a Canadian. Keep in mind we are notoriously a polite people, so I do not mention any of this to stir up trouble. You see today is American Thanksgiving and I completely understand the desire to enjoy it to the fullest. (I wish you all the best day with family ever!) However Canadian Thanksgiving was well over a month ago. So for the 35 MILLION people who live here, come November, Christmas is the Holiday we are looking forward to and preparing for. Alas it is also the Holiday that much of the rest of the Christian world is preparing for now. Today is Thanksgiving IN THE U.S.A ONLY. Since the internet is worldwide, I think it’s completely fair for bloggers and others to post Christmas excitement and inspiration at this time.
      I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your famly!

    • Botanic Bleu says:

      One of the reasons bloggers post about Christmas in November is to give readers time to re-create what the blogger shares. What good is a great idea for Christmas if you see it too late to use in your own home? It take times to find supplies and to make DIY projects. Blogs are like magazines; we provide information way before the holiday.

      Perhaps you could Pin the first photo in a blog post about Christmas, then skip reading the post for now. Go to your Pinterest boards later when you are ready to ready about Christmas.


  6. Your home is beautiful. I love your banner and all the inspirational ideas you shared today.

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my DIY crocks & shortbread, Jennifer! I hope you have a wonderful week with you family.
    Hugs, Jamie

  8. I loved seeing all of these Jennifer and am so blessed to call you my friend! Thank you for including my projects here among all of this beautiful inspiration!

  9. Botanic Bleu says:

    Thank you for the collection of Christmas ideas. I love seeing several gathered in one place.


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