Coffee Table Styling: 5 Ways

What’s on your coffee table right now?  Mine has a vase of pretty flowers, a vintage book, my hubby’s glasses, and a bottle of water. More often than not, my coffee table is a combination of a pretty vignette and everyday items. It’s easy to let the coffee table become a catchall for magazines, remotes, and empty coffee mugs, but I’m trying to be better at keeping it pretty and organized. So today I’m sharing 5 ideas for coffee table styling.

5 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

There are so many different approaches to coffee table styling. Really, you can put just about anything on it as long as you like it. And that’s key … that you should like it. But if you need a little help, I’ve got a few tips for you.


Coffee Table Styling. Tips for adding simple beauty to your living space.

For this exercise, I’m using the coffee table in my family room. It’s actually my toy trunk from childhood. My dad made it when I was little and I remember some of the toys stored in it. Once I acquired it I painted and distressed it. It now contains blankets and throws.


5 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Fresh Flowers. One of the easiest approaches to coffee table styling is adding fresh flowers.


Style a Coffee Table with Fresh Flowers, like beautiful Virginia Bluebells

I have Virginia Bluebells all over the yard so they were the obvious choice for my table. I love their droopy little heads and if you look closely, you’ll see touches of pink in the flowers.


Grape Hyacinths in Mini Ironstone Pitcher

I plucked a small handful of grape hyacinths too. They’re so dainty and look pretty in my mini white pitcher. To elevate them, I chose a vintage book in the same shade of blue, a small white ironstone platter and a few ironstone butter pat dishes.


How to Style a Coffee Table

Table Runner.  Who says a table runner has to be relegated to the dining table? I used a textured runner from World Market to add a layer of texture to the coffee table. A stack of favorite decorating books makes for fun reading.


Lavender Houseplant

My new lavender plant will add light fragrance to the room once it starts blooming. If you lightly rake your hand against the leaves, you release the scent and your hands will smell nice.


Iced Tea Service. Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Tea Service.  This one is obvious. When friends are coming over, all you need to decorate your coffee table is tea service. In this case, iced tea service.


Blue Frosted Vase with Rose Bush Branch

To add a little softness, I tucked a branch from my rose bush inside one of my frosted blue vases.


Coffee Table Styling with a Favorite Collection

Favorite Collection. Coffee table styling can be easy when you simply gather a favorite collection together. For me, it’s my vintage aqua bottles. To add interest, I stacked a couple shorter bottles on paper mache boxes.


Coffee Table Styling with a Favorite Collection

I grouped some of the bottles on a tray. Almost any type of collection will work on a coffee table, but if you have small children, you’ll want to be careful about your choice.


Coffee Table Styling with Natural Elements

Natural Elements. Plants and mossy balls are always a good option for coffee table styling.


Coffee Table Styling with Natural Elements

I propped up the smaller items with a cardboard suitcase dressed in vintage maps. But there’s more than one reason for the small suitcase.


Small Cardboard Suitcase Hides Remote Controls

It holds the TV remote controls, and any of those other everyday items that clutter the table.

What items do you like to use on your coffee table?

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  1. Love styling coffee tables you can have so much fun, changing them up with seasons. Pretty ideas thanks for some tips!!

  2. I love these tips! All of them look amazing. Now, can you tell me how to choose a coffee table for a long skinny room? My living room is very narrow and every time I try a coffee table, I feel like it in the way. So I don’t have one.

  3. Ha haa. .my coffee table just got moved to our family room, where it looks terrible, because we have our 9 month old climbing grandaughter over quite often, and my husbsnd is worried she is going to hit her eye on the corner. He has several worries concerning the coffee table , in fact. Well, at least your’s looks pretty.

  4. I love each of these ideas Jennifer. I always have a white vintage linen towel under a tray of some sort on which I change out the decor with the seasons or at whim. 🙂 I like changing things around a lot and I guess I learned that from my mother. Have a beautiful weekend.

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