Christmas Ornaments: Three Styles for Your Tree

A few weeks ago I featured ornaments on my blog and many of you were especially enamored with the felted cuties. I’m also a big fan and would love to fill a tree with them. They’re so cute and whimsical, and I’m glad they’re becoming more popular. In addition to felted ornaments, I’m also featuring metallic ornaments, and classic red and white Christmas ornaments. Each collection has a look book with information on where to find them. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Felted Christmas Ornaments

1. Gnome / 2. Winter Penguin / 3. Ski Mice / 4. Christmas Fox / 5. Messenger Mouse / 6. Llama / 7. Sledding Penguins / 8. Blue Jay / 9. Ski Mouse / 10. Felted Tree / 11. Christmas Mouse / 12. Felt Heart and Star


To see more felted Christmas ornaments, scroll through this look book. Tap or click on the photos for more information or where to buy: 


Next up is a collection of metallic ornaments, which is what I’ve mostly added to my tree this year. I’ll share photos soon! But for now, enjoy these pretty silver, gold, and bronze options.

Metallic Christmas Ornament Collection

1. Gilded Mistletoe  /  2. Gold Leaf Globe  /  3. Silver Reindeer  /  4. Gilded Star  /  5. Aspen Leaf  /  6. Gilded Cone  /  7. Painted Mistletoe Globe  /  8. Hammered Star  /  9. Textured Gold Globe  /  10. Aged Mercury Ball  /  11. Maple Leaf  /  12. Mercury Glass Star


To see more metallic ornaments, scroll through this look book. Tap or click on the photos for more information or where to buy: 


For those of you who appreciate a more traditional Christmas style, these red and white Christmas ornaments are for you.

Red and white ornaments for a traditional Christmas

1. Candy Cane Ornaments / 2. Red Mercury Glass Globe / 3. Pine Bough Ornament / 4. Mushroom / 5. Santa Droplet / 6. Mini Lantern / 7. Cone Santa / 8. Mercury Glass Drop / 9. Vintage Style Globes / 10. Christmas Truck


To see more red and white ornaments, scroll through the look book below. Tap or click on the photos for more information or where to buy: 



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  1. So glad I have been collecting Mercury glass ornaments and other Christmas decor for many years when I see the current prices! I certainly will take good care of them so they can be passed down to my children and grandchildren.
    Christmas decorating can be beautiful and not break our budget if we use more natural additions such as evergreen branches, holly, andina, pinecones and magnolia to stretch our man-made decor. We all can’t afford $72 a piece ornaments.

    1. Hi Kathy! I think natural elements always make the best decor. For the first time ever, I decided to use dried orange slices on my tree this year. Have you ever used them when decorating for Christmas?

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Marlene. I was a little shocked when I found out numerous ornaments at West Elm are already out of stock! They had some really pretty options.