Stretch Your Bathroom Imagination with a Tantalizing Patterned Floor

In two weeks we finally get our new bathroom floor installed. I’m finished painting and wallpapering the room, and once the floor is done, we just need the new vanity and toilet installed. It’s taken longer than I thought, and I struggled with my decorating decisions. But one thing I was pretty set on was the choice of a patterned floor. Today I’ve got a collection of bathrooms with bold floors to give you an idea of what I was looking for.

I love the gold and black floor of this first example – both the color and the geometric pattern. It’s almost like a work of art. This is the Toscano tile floor pattern from Granada Tile.

modern vintage bathroom with bold patterned floorPhoto by J. Kurtz Design

A marbled checkerboard floor pairs with subway tile and dark teal paint on the walls of this beautiful bathroom. The look is timeless and classic, enhanced by gold fixtures.

checkerboard marble floor in bathroomPhoto by Finch Interior Design

Vintage tile floors typically feature a border. This green and white floor combines hexagon and rectangle tiles. Lucky is the person who lives in a house with a charming retro bathroom like this.

vintage green and white bathroomPhoto by JWT Associates

When I was considering pairing my wallpaper with a floor pattern, I almost let the wallpaper consultant talk me out of a bold floor like this one. She was steering me toward a subtler, penny tile pattern. But in the end when I was at the flooring store with wallpaper in hand, the designer encouraged me to go with my gut and stick with my original plan to go bold. We’ll see how it works out!

custom farmhouse bathroomPhoto by Bardi Designs-Custom Residential Interior Design

Here’s another patterned floor that I love. I realize it might be too much for some people, but I feel like it makes a colorful statement in the room.

patterned and colored bathroom floorPhoto by Elevation Ave

This pretty patterned floor is more subtle in color. And who wouldn’t love that rain shower head? This stunning bathroom is part of a garage conversion!

garage bathroom conversionPhoto by Spazio LA

For those of you who appreciate a quieter approach to decorating, this softly patterned bathroom floor might be just the ticket for you. I don’t know that I’d ever choose that light fixture for my own home, but I love the whimsy it adds to the space. I wonder how you dust it?

transitional style bathroom in neutral tonesPhoto by Aspect Design Build

Of the floors featured today, I think this one is my favorite. It has lots of color but the pattern is smaller. It’s a custom Moroccan zellige tile pattern. And look at the ceiling – that’s either tiles or embossed wallpaper.

modern country bathroom with patterned floorPhoto by White Arrow, LLC

Here’s another charming bathroom with a checkerboard floor, but in a smaller pattern.

vintage bathroom with checkerboard floorPhoto by Absolute Architecture

The floor I ended up choosing is the Tapestry pattern by Mannington, shown here in a kitchen. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone but I think I’m going to love it in my bathroom.

Tapestry floor pattern by Mannington
Photo courtesy of Mannington

So what’s your verdict on a patterned floor in the bathroom? Do you have a favorite from today’s collection?

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  1. I love a patterned floor too. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom. I haven’t a doubt it will be lovely. I so enjoy your blog!

  2. I love the Tapestry flooring, but I do think color and wall color matter. You did mention wallpaper too and I tend to agree with you on most wallpaper designs you share. I’m sure it will be lovely. I am a big fan of checkerboard floors large and small they are easy to live with and you don’t get bored with them.

  3. I totally agree with your choice. The smaller pattern speaks to me more than the larger patterns. The colours are also right on line with my decor choices.

  4. These are fun!
    I like the one by Bardi designs and the one that is a garage conversion best. Also love the retro green. I think your bathroom will look amazing and it is a relief to hear that you have had a hard time making decisions- we have been renovating our kitchen and also recently finished renovating a bathroom. The decision making process is very difficult!!

  5. I like them all, and my most favorite bathroom is the retro, very pretty green, 50s style. Also, you chose a very pretty floor for your bathroom renovation. I am looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom makeover.

  6. I’m really looking forward to seeing your renovated bathroom!
    My husband is not convinced, but I am hoping to put in a “flat floor” shower when we redo our master bathroom shower area. I don’t think it’s a fad that will pass with so many of us reaching the age where we need to consider stumbling over a threshold, or in our case, an actual STEP up into our shower. I noticed that the majority of the bathrooms that you showed, had “flat floor” shower areas.

  7. I have a similar pattern to the one you chose on my bathroom floor and 5 years later I still love it. I can send you a picture if you would like.