Moving Tips and Furniture Rental Options

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In the midst of getting ready for Christmas, hubby and I have also been planning the sale of our home this coming spring. I’m anxious to purge ourselves of a lot of stuff, but it’s a challenge because I don’t want to get rid of things we might need. I’m making a list of moving tips now and have considered the possibility of temporarily renting furniture in our new space. I recently became aware of CORT Furniture Rental and am impressed with the various styles of furniture.

If you’re like me, you sometimes agonize over furniture choice. Will it look right in the room?  Will I be able to arrange the pieces for comfortable seating room and traffic flow? Furniture rental creates the opportunity for less hassle by choosing pieces you love to fill empty spaces before you’re ready to buy.

CORT Furniture Rental Options


It’s also a fun way of trying out new colors and patterns before you’re married to them.  We’ve considered building a new home and if that’s what we choose to do, we’ll likely need to live in temporary housing for several months before the house is ready. Furniture rental could prove useful in this situation.

Moving Tips and Furniture Rental Options


CORT offers a variety of furniture styles that suit almost any preference. I love that you can get furniture on-demand and when you no longer need it, you don’t have to worry about hauling it away yourself.

Couch Styles for Every Taste


One of our must-haves when moving is a couple extra bedrooms for the grandkids. We love having them spend overnights at our house and in fact, had our grandson spend about 6 weeks with us this summer. I don’t know that we’ll be able to afford a lot of bedroom furniture all at once, so the option to rent furniture could be a viable solution.

Bedroom Furniture by CORT


How fun would it be to try out a bright new color like these cheery yellow dining chairs?

Bright Yellow Chairs in a Charming Breakfast Nook

The thought of moving is sometimes overwhelming to me, so anything that can alleviate stress is welcome. I’ve started a list of moving tips and will start executing them as the time comes. I believe that careful planning makes any job easier.

Here’s a list of a few moving tips I’ve compiled so far …

  • Clean out closets, basement, and attic well before moving. Donate what you don’t think you’ll need and get rid of the rest. There will be less to pack up and move!
  • Create a cleaning closet for storing those last minute cleaning supplies you’ll need before leaving your home.
  • Clean the stove and any other appliances you’re leaving behind. No one wants to move into someone else’s dirt.
  • Pack a separate box of essentials you’ll need as soon as you move into your new home. Keep them together so you don’t have to go digging for them.
  • Label each and every box with the name of the room where it goes. This also alleviates having to dig around in boxes.
  • Keep everyone’s clothing separate. It makes organizing closets and dressers so much easier when moving in.
  • Don’t rush packing up dishes, and be sure to stack them upwards in the box. Take time to cushion the inside of the boxes to avoid broken dishes.
  • Clean furniture before moving it. You won’t feel like doing it when you move into your new place.
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to pack. Do as much as you can ahead of time to make the move less stressful.
  • Be sure to schedule the mover weeks in advance.
  • Remember to cancel services before moving and make sure to think of everything. We have lawn service that automatically renews every year and I’ve already cancelled the service for next year.
  • Be sure to make time for yourself. Get a massage, take regular walks, enjoy a good book, or anything else that makes you happy. The less stressed you are, the more pleasant the moving experience will be.

I’m sure my list will grow as time goes on. What moving tips do you have?

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    1. Hi Susan! We’re moving to be closer to family. No worries – my style isn’t going to change much and I’m sure we’ll find a home in a style we love. Maybe it will be even better than our current home. 😉

  1. I have been trying for over a year to convince my husband that it is time to move and I have had no luck. Now we are kind of being forced to stay close to his doctors but we both agreed that we will start looking else where in Connecticut – we are in Fairfield. Currently we have a five bedroom house for just the two of us and it is just too much. I want one floor, fenced in back yard, laundry on the first floor, garage and a GAS stove. We look at our first house this Sunday.

  2. Thank you for this post Jennifer. I look forward to your blog each week for many reasons.
    We too are planning to move as soon as we find the right house (from Massachusetts to New Hampshire) due to my husband’s job. His commute is too long. These tips are helpful.
    Another one I would add is to locate a few good take out restaurants near the new house so you can get quick meals the first few days you are moving in. And paper plates, cups, etc. for the first few days.