Collecting White Ironstone and a Free Magazine

Looking back, I can’t really pinpoint when I fell in love with white ironstone. Someone asked me if my passion for its beauty started when Martha Stewart made it popular. But that wasn’t it … I actually didn’t know she was credited for its surge in popularity. All I know is, collecting white ironstone is like eating chocolate truffles. You can’t stop with just one.

Collecting White Ironstone via Town and Country LivingOnce you feel that cool porcelain-like exterior in your hands and display its graceful beauty in your home, you find yourself craving more!


Collecting and Displaying White IronstoneI started collecting white ironstone about a year ago, scouring Ebay and the local flea market and antique stores for treasured pieces.


Large White Ironstone Bowl at Town and Country LivingIn that time, I’ve gathered an assortment of bowls, platters, and pitchers.


The Joy of Collecting White IronstoneI enjoy mixing them together in various combinations for a table setting.


Pink Impatiens in a White Ironstone BowlI’ve even stuffed my little white ironstone bowls with impatiens for a unique place setting.


Floral Arrangement in a White Ironstone PitcherWhite ironstone pitchers make the perfect vessel for arranging fresh flowers.


Virginia Bluebells, Grape Hyacinths, and White IronstoneIn my opinion, flowers and white ironstone are the perfect pairing.


White Ironstone in a Farmhouse HutchI have white ironstone on display in my dining room …


White Ironstone in a Farmhouse KitchenAnd also in the kitchen.


White ironstone and lilacs in a farmhouse kitchenI suppose I’ve collected quite a few pieces in the past year, but I try not to spend too much money.


Large white ironstone pitcherI don’t think I’ve spent over $50 for a single piece.


The Joy of Collecting White IronstoneI’ve been lucky to find some great bargains while collecting white ironstone.


White Ironstone in a Cottage KitchenSince I can’t seem to get enough of white ironstone, I created a Flipboard magazine to celebrate it!


For the Love of White Ironstone - Flipboard MagazineI hope you’ll enjoy this free digital magazine, For the Love of White Ironstone.

If you’re new to Flipboard Magazines, they’re made by curating articles and photos across the web.

Click on any article and you’ll be taken to that web page to read the rest.

You might even see one of your posts about collecting white ironstone in there!


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  1. I always love your posts and presentations. Ironstone and milk glass, my faves. I don’t have nearly as wide a selection as you. Seeing yours makes me want to go huntin’ tomorrow and find some plates and bowls. I tend to stick to pitchers, creamers, and platters. You’ve inspired me to do some decorating.

    Love your blog and this post! Your photos are great!

  2. Jennifer, I absolutely adore white ironstone. I’ve been collecting for quite sometime. However, where I live, shopping for it local, is a bit more difficult. I generally find it online and on trips. Thanks so much for sharing…as always….perfect! ~Tammy

  3. I love milk glass and white ironstone , it so simple and beautiful.

  4. You have a beautiful ironstone collection, Jennifer. I love how you display it in your home all year around. The flip board was really neat and fun to look at! I have a few pieces of ironstone but am not really a collector. Beautiful post!

  5. I’ve been collecting white ironstone for many years. My grandmother had beautiful pieces that she passed on to me which started my love for it! It’s always fun and inspiring to get new ideas for displaying it as you shown throughout your home. Beautiful photos, Jennifer!
    Mary Alice

  6. You’ve got some beautiful pieces, Jennifer! I love white pieces, too. I know they go with everything and I’m sure that is one reason, but sometimes the patterns are just so pretty. I don’t pay a lot and will pass by something {especially at Goodwill if I think it’s too high} but I have found quite a bit at yard sales, thrift stores, and clearance aisles {like Home Goods}. I’m running out of room, though, so I’ve been restraining myself!

  7. I love your blog. Always look forward to reading it when time permits. I have recently inherited some ironstone from my Dad and just love its simplicity. Perfect white goodness!! Thanks for all the helpful information.

  8. You taught me something new! I never heard of a Flipboard. Now I am going to check it out.

    Your house always looks so pretty.

  9. That sunlight streaming in your back door makes for such a beautiful picture, Jennifer! And your collection of white ironstone is gorgeous! You are right – there is nothing better than fresh flowers plunked in a white ironstone pitcher. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet, simple, rustic, and just plain pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you are staying warm, sweetie! It’s been a brutal winter so far, hasn’t it?

    xoxo laurie

  10. Teddee Grace says:

    Your lovely ironstone is not porcelain but both are ceramics. Found this on eHOw:

    • Thank you, I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell a true ironstone, I check the bottom of the piece but some have nothing but do look like ironstone, thank you for clarifying and posting the link, I appreciate it!

  11. I am a new collector of Ironstone and I am in love too! I’ve been selling it in my shop for over a year, but recently, I made changes to my home (still am!) and there are pieces I find that I can’t part with. I covet your tureen! Still haven’t found one of those yet. Thanks for the heads up about the free magazine!

  12. Just downloaded flip board and saw all the lovely pieces. I have always collected anything white. Like a blank canvas. It can be changed with the seasons and my moods. Great to use when you want to change up a room and have limited funds but not ideas. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  13. I love how how you displayed white ironstone with the beautiful lilacs…very pretty picture! My last ironstone find was last spring when I found a very old gravy boat for .25!

  14. bernice patterson says:

    Wow !!!!!! thanks for the wonderful glance at your ironstone collection magazine. I have also collected it for at least forty years, seeing all the great pieces available in the magazine makes me want to start looking again for some different pieces.
    Thanks Bernice

  15. I’ve been collecting white ironstone for about a year or so myself. I didn’t even know it was a “thing”, I just liked the way it looked in my kitchen! But now, I have a little bit of it everywhere – a whole cabinet full in the living room. I ‘ve paid next to nothing for all of it. My first piece came from the World’s Longest Yard Sale and many more from Goodwill, Salvation Army, the Rescue Mission store, and other yard sales and estate sales. Some has come from family as well and thos eare my most special pieces, of course. Thanks for showing us your collection – it’s lovely!

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