How to Make a Felt Heart Valentine’s Banner

Normally I’m not a big decorator for Valentine’s Day, but for some reason I find myself wanting to add touches of red throughout my home. So I’ve made up a list of Valentine’s Decor projects I want to create and the first one I want to share with you is this super easy felt heart Valentine’s banner.

DIY Felt Valentine's Banner via Town and Country LivingSimple felt hearts hang from a mini pom-pom garland.

It didn’t take long at all to make this sweet little banner.


How to Make a Felt Valentine's BannerI used 3 simple patterns to create the hearts from red and white felt.


Supplies for creating a felt Valentine's bannerSupplies needed are red and white felt, heart shaped cookie cutters, ribbon, scissors, a marker, and a hot glue gun. Can I just say that I recently started using a hot glue gun and I absolutely love it!


How to make a felt Valentine's bannerUsing a felt tip pen, trace your hearts in various sizes and then cut them out.


DIY Tutorial for making a felt Valentine's bannerGlue the smaller hearts onto the larger ones. I left some of the red hearts plain.


Instructions for making a felt Valentine bannerFlip the hearts over and hot glue a loop of delicate ribbon toward the top for hanging.


How to make a felt heart Valentine's bannerHot glue a dainty bow onto the felt hearts that were left plain.


How to make a felt heart Valentine's bannerFinally, thread your felt hearts onto your ribbon garland and hang!


Felt Heart Valentine's Banner TutorialI found this mini pom-pom garland to use for my felt heart Valentine’s banner.


DIY Felt Heart Valentine's BannerThe little pom-poms help keep the hearts in place on the banner.


Felt Heart Valentine's Banner TutorialI paired it with the red and white striped ribbon that I used at Christmas time.


DIY Felt Heart Valentine's BannerAnd that’s all there is to making this sweet little felt heart Valentine’s banner!


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  1. Looks like a fun craft! I love Valentine’s Day and I decorate my large dining table! Thanks for the ideas! CP

  2. So cute! And I LOVE my hot glue gun! I just got a new one for Christmas because the old one wasn’t pushing the glue stick through right and I was having to use 2 hands to work the gun and push the glue through – not so handy on some projects where I needed one hand running the glue gun and one hand on the project!

  3. i don’t have fireplace mantle but love this Idea so I”m going to try and make the hearts on smaller scale and use as garland on a white feather tree.

  4. The pom pom ribbon is adorable and that striped ribbon is perfect. Can’t wait to find them both. Hope I don’t have to wait until next Christmas for striped ribbon!!! I can see that working for Memorial Day and July 4th also. Not the hearts of course but pom poms with flags would be cute.