Colorful Gardens and Homes of Spain: Hello Sunshine!

Who else is suffering gloomy spring weather right now? I’m raising both my hands! We haven’t had a pleasant spring so far but I’m not going to let it dampen my spirits. Instead, let’s pretend we’re overseas visiting the colorful gardens and homes of Spain. This little virtual tour is sure to put a smile on your face!

Sunny flower-filled patio in Spain


Have you been to Spain? My cat sitter is taking a Spanish cruise in May and I have to confess I’m a wee bit jealous. Where else can you see flower pots spread across the façade of a house? I would spend all my time walking the streets of Cordoba to see these gardens if I lived there. But I wonder – how do they water all the flower pots?

Flower pots on front of houses of Spain - Cordoba


Here’s a pretty street in the old town section of Marbella, located near the southernmost tip of Spain. The Juliet balconies, the many vines, the tiled street, charming street lamps – it would be so easy to fall in love with these surroundings. I want to book a flight right now!

A picturesque and narrow street in Marbella old town


When you don’t have an expanse of land, you make do with lots of garden pots. Here, a blue ladder was added to create vertical planting spaces in Mijas, Spain. I’m not sure what the colored dots on the building are. Leave a comment if you know what they are. Perhaps it was decoration added by the homeowner.

decorated facade of house with flowers in blue pots in Mijas, Spain


Here’s a charming street in Valldemossa village on the island of Majorca. Absorb all the old world charm of this enchanting village. I look at those stone steps and buildings and think about how much it would cost to reproduce that here in the United States. The steps alone would be several thousand dollars. I love how the green shutters match the lush greenery of the plantings.

Street in Valldemossa village in Mallorca, Spain


This close-up view of a Spanish finca house shows the intricate details of the stonework. A finca house is a piece of rural or agricultural land, typically with a cottage, farmhouse or estate building, and typically adjacent to a woodland or plantation. If I lived on Majorca, I would have several cactus like this in my yard. They provide architectural appeal in the landscape.

Traditional spanish finca house from Majorca, Spain


Traveling east to the Canary Islands, located off the coast of Africa, you’ll find old white Colonial homes trimmed in bright colors. People living in the homes of Spain know how to do color right! Everything is so bright and cheery. I thought I would visit Greece first, but I’m beginning to think Spain is the place to see.

Colonial style white houses on the Canary Islands


A bright green balcony overlooks a brick pathway in the quaint village of Tejada, also located in the Canary Islands. Don’t you feel like you could explore these neighborhoods forever? So much to see!

Village of Tejeda, Grand Canary Island, Spain


Heading to the northern coast in the Basque region, you’ll still find color on the homes of Spain and plenty of flower pots hanging from balconies.

House in Basque region of Spain


Spain is rich in history and architecture. Below is the Basque summer home – Miramar Palace – built for Queen Maria Cristina in San Sebastian.

San Sebastian, Spain. Miramar Palace


I hope you enjoyed this quick little trip to see a sampling of the colorful gardens and homes of Spain. I feel like I could fill several pages on my blog with more photos of this delightful country!


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  1. Very interesting. Having lived in Phoenix for several years I also wonder how much watering must be done to keep all these potted plants alive. Perhaps they receive more rain in Spain, which comes mainly from the plain, than I realize! I love the exterior of Miramar Palace and wish I could see the interior. I went to the link but found nothing there. Might need to do some more research!

  2. The colors! The flowers! The buildings and streets, so much to love in this post! Thank you for making my day! I am so ready for spring, as it’s been anything but springlike, in the U.P. of Michigan! Another gray, dreary day, but when it does clear it will be gorgeous!