Eclectic Neighborhood in Naperville, IL

A variety of home styles and exteriors creates an eclectic neighborhood in Naperville, IL. You’ll find a mix of new and historic homes in this quaint yet bustling town.

Clapboard and Brick Home in Naperville, IL


Victorian Ladies

Last month when spring trees were in bloom, we took a stroll in one of Naperville’s residential neighborhoods just northwest of the downtown area. The streets feature a range of home styles, from old to brand new, and everything in between.

Gray Victorian Home with Turret in Eclectic Neighborhood


Naperville used to be a smaller Chicago suburb, but back in the 70’s and 80’s it experienced a major growth spurt. People are buying some of the older homes, tearing them down, and building new homes in their place.

Light Gray Victorian Home with Turret


As we were walking the streets, it was often hard to tell if a house was brand new, or simply renovated. Love the third story balcony on this gorgeous Victorian home.

Large Brown and White Victorian Home with Wrap Around Porch


If you’re a fan of turreted homes, Naperville has its fair share. It’s really a very pretty town for walking around and enjoying the architecture.

Shades of Blue Victorian House


The eclectic neighborhood features a resurgence in Victorian style exteriors.

Painted Lady Victorian Home


Tudor Style

The newer homes have plenty of character however, lending appeal and interest to this charming, eclectic neighborhood.

Brick and Stone Tudor Home in Naperville, IL


And it seems a majority of the new homes embrace a tudor style with a mix of stone, brick, or stucco.

Light Stone Tudor Home with Blue Shutters


Whether you prefer Victorian, farmhouse, tudor, or historic clapboard, you’re sure to see a home style you love in this eclectic neighborhood on the near northwest side of Naperville.

Large Stone Tudor Style Home


Cozy Cottages

Not all the homes in this charming area are large and expensive. You’ll find a good share of cozy cottages.

Cozy Brown Clapboard Cottage in Eclectic Neighborhood


This adorable home with its scalloped blinds, dormers, and red door captured my heart. The scent from the blooming tree was intoxicating!

One and a Half Story Home in Naperville, IL


This red clapboard house is definitely one of the long-standing original homes in the neighborhood. I always love a red house and could be perfectly happy living here!

Red Historic Clapboard Home with Front Porch


American Farmhouse

During our refreshing walk we enjoyed a few homes that feature Joanna Gaines American farmhouse appeal.

White American Farmhouse with Large Porch


In addition to the beautiful architecture, the majority of yards are beautifully landscaped.

Joanna Gaines Style Farmhouse


An uncluttered porch has cozy appeal. While I would love to knock on each and every door and ask for a tour, I have to be content using my imagination to picture the interiors. I suppose that mystery is part of the allure when taking strolls through charming areas such as Naperville.

White American Farmhouse Porch with Rustic Bench

If you’re ever in the Chicago area, I highly recommend visiting Naperville, a western suburb. You’ll find an array of awesome restaurants, plenty of walkways along the peaceful river, and a wide variety of residential architecture to enjoy.


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  1. For me to choose a favorite, it always boils down to the porches – those shady, welcoming porches. Sigh ….

  2. Wow… How Beautiful ….. Those homes and their yards are just amazing!!! I also (like you ) love that red cottage !!! Thank you for sharing!!