Yellow and Green Homes in Beautiful Naperville

Today is the final round of my walking home tours in Naperville, Illinois. I think you’ll enjoy these pretty yellow and green homes in a neighborhood of custom residential housing on the northwest side of town.

Old Yellow Victorian House with Wrap Around Porch


Some of the houses on today’s tour are more creamy than they are yellow, like the one below. I could’ve included them on the Naperville neutral homes tour but I tried to divide the amount of houses equally in each post.

Custom Yellow House in Chicago Suburb


It’s a little hard to tell, but this newer Victorian home is a pale shade of green. I love the bay windows and the little arched window at the peak of the roof.

Light Green Victorian House in the Snow


Here’s another “not quite yellow” house. Note how the eaves have a dark strip of brown to accentuate them further. The porch posts also have contrasting paint colors to make the details easier to see.

Large Custom Home Exterior with Siding and Stone


This house is more my style. Small (i.e. less house to clean), quaint, and cute. Trim work is highlighted with contrasting paint and although this light green home is small, it still enjoys a full porch.

Small, Light Green Victorian Home


A Spanish style home has hints of gold and yellow in the stonework. Arched windows are trimmed in red paint. Doors on the third floor open up to a balcony overlooking the street.

Spanish Style Historic Home


Here’s a side view where you can view the open cupola on the roof and more balconies. I wish more neighborhoods incorporated such a wide range of architectural styles.

Spanish Style Historic Home


Another pale green house enjoys a full porch and an impressive wooden front door with skylights and a transom window.

Light Green Custom Home in Naperville


Several homes in the neighborhood have stone pillars framing the sidewalk to the house. I like how a few of the evergreens are trimmed to mimic the arch of the front door.

Custom Yellow House in Chicago Suburb


The dark green an red trim really make details pop on this custom Naperville house on a quiet residential street.

Light Green Custom Home in Naperville


We’ll finish today’s snowy walking tour with a large, pale yellow home with dental molding and other Victorian accents. I think this one might be my favorite on today’s tour.

Large Yellow Two-Story Home in the Snow


Do you have a favorite from one of today’s yellow and green homes?


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  1. WOW, more eye candy. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I guess if my arm was twisted,I would pick the sage green Victorian, although at my age, I should probably pick the smaller green one that you said fit your style. They are all just fabulous homes, and the little town seems so quiet and peaceful — away from the rest of the world. Thank you for this peaceful blog, Jennifer.

  2. My son attended North Central College in Naperville years ago. I loved visitng this charming suburb and walking through the neighborhoods. If you are ever in the area I highly suggest you stop and enjoy what Naperville has to offer. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  3. I’d have to say my favorite one is the house with the stone pillars. I can’t even imagine the cost of these homes, let alone the taxes. Naperville is a lovely town.

  4. Wow. What a joy to see those beauties. I can never pick just one with anything, but I can narrow it down a little bit. Love that Spanish style one, the pale green one with the beautiful door, and the one with the stone pillars out front are just beyond stunning.