Victorian House Collection with Major Curb Appeal

Spring is a great time to enjoy a walk outdoors and when you can stroll through a neighborhood with a Victorian house or two, it’s all the better! Here’s a collection of homes with major curb appeal that I think you’ll enjoy.

Blue Victorian House with Wrap Around Porch and Stunning Turret


Victorian architecture is a style that lets you play with color and get away with bold choices. Like this purple house located in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Purple Victorian Cottage in Provincetown, Massachusetts


Here’s a front view of the home – and now I want a big blooming hydrangea bush in front of my house!

Purple Victorian Cottage in Provincetown, Massachusetts


You can probably guess where this charming Victorian house is located. Martha’s Vineyard!

Carpenter Gothic Cottage on Martha's Vineyard


If purple or blue isn’t your thing, how about pink? My Victorian farmhouse was pink when I bought it, but the color started to fade and I changed it to a butter yellow exterior.

Beautiful pink Victorian house with porch and balcony surrounded by a white picked fence.


This smaller Victorian cottage in the city wears a similar color palette.

Pink Victorian Cottage in the City with Pink Picket Fence


A more subdued color combination is just as appealing. It’s fun to choose which colors you want to accentuate details like cornices, window trim, dental molding, fish scales, and so on. That’s what I enjoy most when it’s time to paint my own house with its gingerbread trim.

Charming Victorian style American home/ house/ townhouse/ duplex in San Francisco city, California. Front exterior view of a beautiful residence. Modern architecture with vintage design appeal.


Of course, you can also go with a more monochromatic vibe like this pretty white Victorian farmhouse located in Hancock, Michigan.

Victorian home seems to welcome you home.  It has front porch, balcony and American flag.  Home is in Hancock, Michigan.


Can you imagine the views from this gorgeous home’s porches and balconies?

Yellow Victorian Farmhouse


Although they don’t make ’em like they used to, you can still find pleasing Victorian influences in some of today’s more contemporary construction, like the arched porch with its pair of round columns on either side.

Bright blue house in sunlght with colorful poppies and some graceful trees.


And here’s my own humble Victorian house painted in Butter Up by Sherwin Williams. The dark blue is Downpour and the aqua color is Rivulet.

Yellow Country House with Front Porch


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  1. I always enjoy these tours of older homes, i think the first was my favorite. You have a beautiful old home and i never tire of seeing all you have done. Thanks and have a great rest of the week.

  2. I love the Victorian style and all the vibrant colors. It is funny I was just talking to my son’s girlfriend yesterday and she was telling me how much she loved victorian style homes and how we would love to be able to own one. But alas here in Canada those types of homes go for about 3 million which is unfortunately way out of our league. But still love to dream.