Cottage Style Homes at Heritage Harbor

Are you ready for the most adorable collection of cottage style homes? I recently found out about the Heritage Harbor community located about an hour southwest of where I live. It comes complete with a community pool, marina, and riverside living.

Yellow Cottage Style House at Heritage Harbor


One house is just as cute as the next so it’s hard to choose a favorite. You’ll find bright-colored homes next to subdued exteriors.

Country Blue Cottage Style Homes at Heritage Harbor


Heritage Harbor almost feels like a community shown in a Disney movie. The cottage style homes are close together and most have some type of waterfront view.

Upper Porch View of Homes and Illinois River
Photo credit from Airbnb


I took these photos with my iPhone so some of them aren’t as crisp as I’d like them to be, but you still get the idea of the community’s charm.

Two-Story Taupe House with Screened In Porch


I love the unique architecture of this marina community. You’ll see larger homes like this one with a more modern vibe.

Modern Style Gray Cottage


But you’ll also find smaller, cozy cottages that make for a great weekend retreat. You can see a glimpse of the marina behind this charmer.

Light Aqua Bungalow with Full Porch


The Illinois River flows behind this house. Have you noticed all the windows on each cottage style home?

Riverside Cottage with Yellow Exterior


Here’s another more modern home at Heritage Harbor – and check out the cute little sports car in the garage!

Modern Gray Cottage with Unique Windows


Some of these houses are vacation rentals that you can find on VRBO. There’s a list of them at the end of this post. If you visit the links, you’ll be able to see the inside of the houses.

Light Gray Two-Story Marina House


Even though the houses are new construction, they’re not cookie-cutter which I find refreshing. Why can’t other new subdivisions offer more variety like this?

Light Gray Heritage Harbor Cottage


You know I love red houses, and what I find especially appealing about this one is the front yard. No grass – just a collection of pretty native plants and flowers.

Red Bungalow with White Trim


Some of the houses have a parking pad in front. This is a typical bungalow with a low slung roof and full porch.

Blue Bungalow with Low Slung Roof and Porch


This is only half of the pictures I took of the cottage style homes at Heritage Harbor. I’ll share the rest next Wednesday. It’s such a cute community and I’ll probably spend a weekend in one of the Airbnb rentals; there are a few state parks nearby that are truly beautiful.

Yellow Two-Story Cottage with Front Porch at Heritage Harbor


Here’s a few of the VRBO rentals if you’d like to see the interiors – or maybe even rent one for a trip.

Cottage with River View

A Quaint Retreat

Stargaze on Private Deck

Learn More About Heritage Harbor


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  1. I wish i lived closer, one of these would be perfect for a get away. They are so cute, have wonderful views, and lovely yards.

  2. Oh boy.. Charm galore. Really enjoyed this post. Looking forward to part two. You sure can sleuth them out. Thanks.