Two-Story Porch for Ultimate Curb Appeal

Have you ever visited the deep South and admired the gorgeous historic homes with a two-story porch? This architectural feature provides ultimate curb appeal for the appreciative eye.

Two-Story Victorian Porch with Blue CeilingPhoto by Brickmoon Design

The thought of having two porches, one up high, is a dream home feature I’ll probably never get to enjoy. But at least I can admire a two-story porch from the curb.

Blue Clapboard House with Two Story PorchPhoto by Aerial Development Group

This historic home with two front porches belonged to LBJ’s mother.

LBJ's Mother's House with Two-Story PorchPhoto by J.Fisher Interiors

I’ve walked the streets of Beaufort, South Carolina and enjoyed many homes like this one. A haint blue ceiling, large porch fans for circulating thick air, and a white picket fence up the curb appeal ante.

New White Southern Home with Double Decker PorchPhoto by Historical Concepts

A craftsman style home enjoys a unique two-story porch. One is positioned on the second floor with red Adirondack chairs, the other is set into an alcove on the third floor.

Unique Craftsman Home Exterior in Brown and GreenPhoto by Cummings Architects

One thing I’ve never understood is why a second-story porch wouldn’t have a door (surprisingly, some do not). This home has a second floor door that is similar in style to the windows, so as not to ruin the lines of the house.

Two Story PorchPhoto by Creole Design

This home has it all! An open-air first-story porch, and a screened second-story porch for enjoying the outdoors without having to swat at bugs.

Beach Style Home with Double Decker Exterior PorchPhoto by T.S. Adams Studio, Architects

If two levels of porches aren’t enough, you could enjoy three stories of porches!

Brick Home with Two-Story PorchPhoto by Max Crosby Construction

When you view this white and light blue house, does your mind conjure images of Key West?

Beach Style Home with Double Decker Exterior PorchPhoto by T.S. Adams Studio, Architects

A classic Mediterranean home enjoys a two-story side porch. Who says your porch has to expand across the entire face of your home?

Mediterranean Style Home with Two Story Partial PorchPhoto by Schneider Custom Homes

Here’s a modern farmhouse with two levels of a front porch.

New White Southern Home with Double Decker PorchPhoto by JacksonBuilt Custom Homes

The days of Gone with the Wind come to mind whenever I see a gorgeous Southern plantation. So much history and so much curb appeal to enjoy!

Plantation Home with Two-Story PorchPhoto by Craig Denis

What do you think? Would you enjoy a home with a two-story porch?

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  1. Thank you for this great post. I love two story porches and you have a great selection of them. I love our vacations in the South being able to visit the plantations and driving through the towns to see all of the wonderful homes. It would be amazing to live in one of them.

  2. I absolutely am in love with two story porches !!!! What a beautiful post… aren’t these homes just beautiful….. we have sooo enjoyed the historical district of Beaufort as well… just walking and gazing on these amazing old homes with their huge porches is so peaceful to me…………………… oh what stories they could tell !!! lolol

  3. I love a porch of any kind and to have two would be wonderful. The examples you have shown are all amazing and while I’ve never (nor will ever) been so lucky as to live anywhere with even one large porch, I remember so vividly my grandmother’s porch and the porch swing I spent so much time in.

  4. I do love a front porch. If I could have a wrap-around all the better. One thing I really missed when we moved from one of our homes was the porch swing. I also like the chairs and a rocker especially. I am always of the opinion that the inside will also be …..peasant, warm, comfortable….and gently loved.

  5. Thank you for all your posts. I enjoy looking at them with my first cup of coffee. Beautiful American architecture! I am originally from France and I really appreciate this uniquely American architectural style. Thanks again!

  6. So pretty. We called them sleeping porches in the rural part of Missouri where I grew up, but I think, if so used, they would definitely need to be screened. There was only one big old house, now long gone, with such a porch that I recall from my childhood and I’m wondering now if it had been a T.B. sanitorium.

    1. Hi Teddee!  I would love to have a sleeping porch. And yes, it would definitely need to be screened. Ugh. I couldn’t stand the thought of bugs crawling on me in the middle of the night.  LOL.