These Old Houses

This past weekend my daughter and I ran the Fox Valley Half Marathon, which means I’ve been a little too tired to think about decorating and taking photos. So I poked around my folders and found a slew of old house pictures that I never posted! How did that happen? So without further adieu, here are the forgotten photos from earlier this spring, which by the way, is a great time to take photos of homes because there aren’t any leafy trees to get in the way of seeing the whole house.

Yellow clapboard, white picket fence, half moon windows, bay window, front porch … what’s not to love?
I’ve decided I want to add a fence and gate like this in my front yard.
I just love all the windows on this historic home. Think of all that natural light indoors.
I know some of you swoon over white houses. You know who you are (Laurie).  
Did you see the little gothic window in the upper left corner?
Such a beautiful, classic home with plenty of room to roam.
I’m a HUGE fan of two-toned windows like this!
Aren’t these windows called eyebrow windows or something like that?
They had a nice little garden in the front yard with these dried tufty thingies.
More two-toned windows and another picket fence. Isn’t the arched gate adorable?
What do you think of the purple and green combo? I rather like it.
The scrolled details above the windows is unique and appealing.
And here’s the back of the home, complete with lattice fence and evergreens for privacy.
How about this grand Victorian? Would you like to live in a home like this?
This is one of my favorites. I love the double porches and unique windows.
Another favorite … again, arched windows in a two-tone color scheme.
This home has a cozy little courtyard by the back door.
That stone foundation is the same that’s on my old house.
They have this fun little playhouse in the backyard.
If it were mine, it’d be my little blogging nest!
Crisp white trim really shows off the architectural details of this historic home.
I love a blue house, and this one doesn’t disappoint.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. I’m just glad I didn’t have to walk it.
My legs are still a little sore after Sunday’s half marathon. 
But before I go … here’s my daughter Bridget after crossing the finish line!
Way to go, Bridget! You finally ran 13.1 miles!
Our next Half Marathon is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
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  1. I just loved this post – gorgeous homes – I do a series every Wednesday on heritage homes in my area so this was of particular interest to me!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I want a fence and gate like those you’ve pictured, too. I’d even settle for a wrought iron fence.

    Dreamy homes, every one! I love the little cafe curtains in the window overlooking the patio.

    Congrats to both of you for running a half marathon!!!

  3. Way to go with finishing a half marathon! That is awesome to me as I only walk short distances. I love all the houses in your post today. My oh my they are beautiful. I think the first one is my favorite though. I like the varied colours and fancy windows and picket fences and…..well, they are each charming in their own way.

  4. Jennifer,
    Congrats to your daughter that is a great accomplishment!My daughter is a long distance runner too!
    Great home photos.Gotta love those colors!

  5. Beautiful pics…and I recognize some of those homes! Congrats on the 1/2 marathon! I’m hoping to run it next year. I’m back in blogland after a little hiatus. Was hoping to make Jenny’s IL blogger gathering, but my kids’ schedules are nuts that day. Hope to make another one or plan one of my own!
    julie- Batavia

  6. I love all the homes you featured….they are all so gorgeous! I don’t think I can pic a favorite!!! LOL…Congratulations to your daughter too, that is such a huge accomplishment :o)

  7. Oh, what gorgeous homes! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.: )

    And congratulations to you and your daughter for completing the half marathon!!


  8. Congratulations on running a 1/2!!!! I ran 9 miles once and well – that was the end. I love to run, actually – distances are tough, though!
    Some gorgeous homes you feature…I am pinning some – K?!

  9. Congrats on your half marathon, Jennifer! Ohhhh! More wonderful houses! Love them ALL! I would love to have a white fence and gate in my front yard too! My house is all white but how I would love to have some color going on somewhere (besides the shutters). Thanks again for sharing! Gina